This week in Heacham we have…..

  1. mixed colours on a colour wheel
  2. investigated adjectives with the Three Bears
  3. written a description of a bear bedroom
  4. painted a bowl for a bear and talked about describing it
  5. we know about the symbols and = in maths
  6. arranged a new bunch of flowers and talked about how they are different to the other flowers that we had.
  7. listened to a story about Sienna the Serene Swan, who solves her problems calmly and in a controlled way.
  8. washed our hands
  9. had chicken when Miss Cook said it was sausages.
  10. had 5 new words of the day – colour, artist, primary colours, secondary colours, and inspiration.


The children enjoy writing this list of things that are the highlight of their week with me, and it’s always interesting to see what they think was important this week.  They’ve also chosen the photographs, (and then I cut down the list a bit or we’d have a post that went on for ever!)

This is our literacy area, where the children can read, tell stories with the tiles or story stones, and make up stories with the houses and people.  If anyone has any HappyLand houses, people, cars, animals, (anything!) that is sitting around doing nothing, we are always looking to rehome some more to extend their imaginations.  It’s also easy to wipe with an antibac wipe!

This is our sensory room, which is full of rope lights, little glowing things, and is a quiet space for the children to enjoy.  Again, if you have any spare rope lights, fairy lights, things that glow or change colour, or lamps, we are always looking for those to use.  Everything is PAT tested and risk assessed for safety.

These were last week’s flowers…. (looking decidedly past their best, but that’s an important part of life as well.)

Here are this week’s flowers, and they look like they will do next week as well!  The children are really enjoying having flowers in the classroom, and it does brighten up the space.  If you have any potted plants that would thrive in an indoor space, and need new homes, please let me know!  I’m not a very good gardener so I’m always open to advice on taking care of plants and on which ones would do well in an environment such as ours.

The children liked this picture of the outside area which shows one of our reception children having made herself an obstacle course using some of the tyres.  (It’s ok, I’m not going to ask for spare tyres!)


This is the Pheonix Rising display in the hall, that the children all over the school made a feather for.  It’s almost finished and is something the children are very proud of.


The children said this photo should go in to show that we do work at our tables as well as all over the rest of the classroom.  This is the written part of a power maths lesson.

When the work is finished, children can go back to exploring the environment around them.  Here is one of the girls, looking really closely at the flowers with a magnifying glass, and talking about the insides of them with an adult.


It’s been a busy week, but it’s been lovely to settle down into our new timetable, new routines, and have everyone in all week.  As usual, if you have any questions or comments, please email me [email protected] because I know it’s tricky to chat at the gate – all of the adults in Heacham and Snettisham are missing those chats as well, because we like to know the family, not just the school child.

The next blog is one about what we are doing next week!


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