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Hello Everyone,

Friday is ‘Funky Friday’ when children get to wear non-school uniform. Pick-up time is 12:20 on this day every week. Please pick up punctually and ensure that children are picked up by someone from their own household.

P.E. is on Wednesday from 2pm to 3pm – please wear your P.E. kit to school.

Swimming is every Monday. The children are split into four groups with two groups swimming every week. The Timetable is provided below with the dates children are swimming on found below their group:

Swimming Groups

Group A     Group B
David Asif
Carina Dawn
Logan G Lukas
Evie-Rose Adriana
Sonny Andreas
Alfie Ksenia
Bethany Luja

 Dates for Group A and B to swim : 14th September, 28th September, 12th October

Group C Group D
Andrew Tyler
Patrikas Dulcie
Thomas Freya
Logan H Nancy
Joseph Toby
Karolis Alexandra

                               Dates for groups C and D to swim: 21st September, 5th October, 19th October


Please ensure that you bring your swimming costumes on the Monday that you are due to swim.

Other than swimming kits relevant days, please don’t bring anything from home except your coat/jacket and a packed lunch (if you aren’t having school dinners).

Weekly curriculum catch-up:

Maths: we continued Power Maths – looking at place value to 100,000.

In English worked on idioms and performance poetry. Children applied their creative thinking while thinking about how they can incorporate actions, sounds and effects to have the right sort of impact on their audience when performing poetry. They then rehearsed and recorded their performances to be shown to the class.

In Topic, we worked on improving Geography skills – the children learned the story of Moby Duck – how a container filled with rubber ducks fell off a ship 28 years ago and the ducks have since made their way to many different countries around the world. Children drew ducks on a blank map to show which countries had a duck wash up on their shores. Children not only improved their map skills but also understood how difficult it is to clean up ocean plastic.

In RE, children looked at Gandhi and discussed his approach to peaceful protest in order to create change.

In Art, children had a good laugh looking at photos of Andy Warhol and learning about Pop Art. They then reproduced a picture using the vibrant Pop Art style that they had see examples of.

In Music, we watched slam poetry performances and evaluated them in terms of impact – children were really moved by some work called ‘Proximity’ (about the importance of coming together to fight for a better future) and ‘Breathe Out, Breathe In’ (created and performed by a 12-year-old Australian boy about breathing out the past and breathing in the future – to improve the environment).

In Computing, children learned the importance of having a strong password and the features of a strong password:

use letters and numbers
use a minimum of 8 characters
don’t use personal information
use characters like brackets
use a mixture of capitals and lower case letters
use a sentence / song lyric instead of a word
only use the first letters of that sentence
use different languages
You can check the strength of your password at: http://rumkin.com/tools/password/passchk.php

Children also enjoyed another P.E. lesson of the year with Mr. Collison with fun games outdoors.

In Science, we have continued our topic of ‘Earth in Space’ with a look at the planets. Children researched the order of the planets by participating in a ‘speed dating’ activity; each child represented a different planet. They had 3 minutes to get to know another planet in the room – sharing information about themselves along the way. By the end of the activity, children knew not only the order of planets but also the different features of the planets in our solar system. We also produced our own planets with gas clouds and moons.

Take a look at some photos from our lessons this week:

Science – creating planets with gas clouds 












P.E. Games 











Geography : locating the countries where Moby Duck washed ashore using atlases




More Earth and Space art


Earth and Space – ‘Speed Dating’ activity



Well that’s all for now folks! Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday!!


Ms Black



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