Friday 25th September 2020

Happy Friday My Squirts,

WELL DONE to Mylah.

I was sent a photo during the week of you with the hedgehog you made. Is it comfortable sitting on a pile of conkers I wonder!

Hedgehog on Conkers.










WELL DONE to Ella for her work about the Seasons.

Ella’s favourite season is Winter.










What is your favourite season? From our work about celebrations I think many of you might also choose Winter.

Don’t forget you can look back at previous blogs to see photos of the work children in the class have done.


This week:

As well as choosing a couple more activities from the homework sheet at the top of the page you will also have some spellings to practise based on the Phase 5 sounds we have been learning during our Phonics lessons this week.

They are on a list which will be given to you to take home. DO NOT bring the list back to school. Please make sure you practise them as we will go over them in our English work next week.

You should ALL try the first eight.

The extra four are for those who like a challenge.

Sounds learned this week:

  • ay
  • ou
  • ie
  • ea


play, tray, out, shout, pie, tie, sea, bead. (8)

crayon, loudest, replied, repeat. (4)

Make sure you look at Monday’s blog as there will now be curriculum support given for those who are off school isolating due to Covid 19.

I hope you and your families all have a restful weekend and don’t forget to send me any photos you have of your homework or any interesting activities you are involved in.

See you all on Monday.

Mr H.


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