Blakeney Blog Friday 18th September

Blakeney’s Week in Review

This week, the Year 5s have really got stuck in to new routines with a return to a full time-table of curriculum subjects:

Each day starts with spelling and times tables practice.

Then, in maths, we have begun daily Power Maths work and are focusing on Place Value to 10,000

In English, children have looked at sample poetry and have worked to create a class poem of their own. They have also been doing daily skills work in grammar and reading comprehension.

In Topic children spent a hot afternoon in the garden area cooling off with at look at the world’s oceans with atlases and maps.

In RE, Children addressed the question – “How far would you go to defend what you believe”

Music: Children watched, listened and evaluated some amazing performances in which people used their voices and bodies to create music or special effects.

Computing: We familiarised ourselves with the school website, exploring the sort of information that can be located on there and reading through our class blog. Children were shown where to find the home learning grid to be worked each Friday afternoon this term. They also practised touch typing and can access this fun app/website at home https://www.typingclub.com/

Science: Children worked through scientific evidence to decide whether the earth is flat or spherical – I’m glad to say they concluded that it is NOT flat 🙂

Take a look at our lovely Graditude Tree on display in our classroom:

Emotions Faces and Gratitude Stones made from clay:

Our lovely garden play area viewed from the classroom – our own little slice of paradise! :




A Few Reminders:

Swimming is on Mondays – please ensure you bring your kits or you will miss out! On Monday 21st September, it’s Group C and D’s turn to swim – you know who you are 🙂

Please remember that every Friday is non-school-uniform day and an early pickup – children need to be collected at 12:20. Every other day, the arrival time is 8:35-8:40 and pickup time is 3:05-3:107

Absence from school due to sickness

If your child is absent from school due to sickness, it would help us greatly in the current circumstances if you could call or email to let us know the reason for absence. I can be contacted on: [email protected]

Returning a child to school after sickness

When a child returns to school, parents will be asked to complete a form regarding the child’s specific symptoms so that we no longer have to make calls home to discuss this. The three questions are:

  1. Has your child had three coughing fits over a period of 24 hours/has your child coughed continuously for an hour?
  2. Has your child had a temperature of 37.8 degrees or above?
  3. Has your child experienced the loss of their sense of smell or taste?

If the answer to one of these questions is yes, then it is important that your child and household self-isolates, and obtains a test for Covid-19. By following this guidance, we can ensure that our Blakeney Bubble remains safe and children’s education can continue at school uninterrupted. Your support in this matter is greatly appreciated.


Well done to everyone in Blakeney for another fabulous week back at school. We’re really looking forward to seeing what you can do as the weeks go on:


Ms Black, Miss Gabriel, Ms Lacey


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