Week Beginning 14th September 2020 ~ Brancaster Class

This week is a busy one for us here in Brancaster Class.

In maths we will be looking at place value, reading and writing 3 and 4 digit numbers. We will also be rounding numbers to the nearest 10,100 and 1000.

Here are some lessons on the Oak Academy Site which will help you with these topics.



In English this week we are exploring the /aw/ spelt augh or au


Here is our spelling list for this week








We are also exploring recount texts – what this video to help you to understand how to write a recount.


Here is our new model text. Can you practise and learn the text at home?

my_summer_holiday Recount model text

In science we are beginning to explore forces and magnets.

Take a look at this great introduction to forces, there are some activities for you to try too!


In topic this week we will be refreshing our memory about the United Kingdom.

Watch this video to recap our knowledge about the United Kingdom


Have fun and enjoy your learning.




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