Cromer Bubble 11.09.2020

Hello Cromer Bubble,

It has been great to get back to school and see you all again!  I really missed not having a class of children!

We’ve had a great time in the Cromer Bubble this week. Naturally, things have been different, but we’re getting used to them.  We are together in our bubble all the time.  Obviously, we do lessons together, but we also eat together, have break time and lunchtime play together and we even go to the loo together!  We are going to know each other really well by the end of year!

We had two different start dates.  Children whose names were in the first half of the alphabet started on Monday, while the children whose names were in the second half of the alphabet started on Tuesday.  Everyone came to school for the rest of the week.  We had a new girl join our bubble on Wednesday.  Her name is Erica and we are really pleased she has joined our bubble.

For the first few days we had a lot of space!  We started the Phoenix Rising Curriculum:



Now we are back at school, we talked about the wishes that we have for this year and made a display for the corridor:


We also discussed our worries, and displayed them too:


We also thought about all the things we are grateful for and made a tree for the classroom:

Another difference is eating lunch altogether in the classroom.  We like it!



This week for playtime we have been playing in the garden outside our classroom window. We have all enjoyed being able to play together:


We’ve also been thinking about the metaphor of rainbows coming after a storm.  We created the rainbow and we all coloured part of it.  Here is the work in progress:




Hopefully, we will be able to put the finished rainbow on our blog next week.  Look out for it!

If you’re looking for something to do, have a go at this really tough  Spot The Difference!  There are 7 differences to find.  Good Luck.

See you next week!


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