Cromer Class Friday, 17th July, 2020

Hello Cromer Class,

I hope you are all well.

I haven’t heard from many of you this week – only Thomas, Evie and Isabelle.  Please email!

This week in literacy Valeria did some lovely spelling work:

In the Pink Bubble we have been working on some mathematical art.  We looked Celtic Knots.  Celtic knots are graphical representations of knots used for decoration by the Ancient Celts.

Here is some of our work.  If you would like to do some this link https://nrich.maths.org/6809 has some really helpful videos.


We’ve also been doing some poem work in Pink Bubble, have a look at what we did:

Here’s Archie’s poem:

In the Town of Torture


In the town of torture,

I walked into a ditch of deadly dogs waiting to dig their teeth into skin.


In the town of tornadoes,

A twister took a terrifying turn for the worst.


In the town of trains,

I was taking my tray to a track.


In the town of toys,

My board bounced off into the black abyss.


In the town of the top,

I made a tank of terrible thoughts.


In the town of trembling, I trapped myself in

a timeless test of tenacity.


In the town of thoughts

I went into a spiral of serendipity.


In the town of treacherous tales,

I stumbled across a book of stories bound to be discovered.


By Archie Gusa


Here’s Reuben’s:

In the Zoo of Zaniness


In the Zoo of Zaniness

I recovered a record amount of rabbits.

I taught a terrible t-rex .

And I caught a chorus of clamped clown fish.


In the Zoo of Zannines ,

I came face to face with a ferocious feline.

I laughed at a lunging leopard leaping.

I created a cradle for a crying koala.


 In the Zoo of Zaniness

I reunited a running rhino with a white rhinoceros .

I astonished an antelope and an ant sitting in peace .

I was baffled by a bee buzzing miraculously beside me.

I even made a pet of a peculiar parrot perching alone on a branch.


In the Zoo of Zaniness,

I captured emotions as they breezed around the air like a silent breathe of cold wind.


In the Zoo of Zaniness

I imprisoned the sun`s gleam like a lump of lava in a lamp.

I held the sadness of a ghost town as its silence continued.

I found the sparkle of a star as it stuns down below.


By Reuben Oakes


Here’s Niks’s:

In the City of Wars 

In the thoughtless times,

I brought my deadly thoughts to an asylum’s cells.


Inside of a beach hut,

Crickets ate inside of fish beds and ate all the corps of the dead cod.


Above the jungle tree tops,

The panda’s babies tripped on baby bamboo.


In towns of Jamaica 

The giants played footy and ants cried like chirping birds.


In outer space space new planets collided,

And they fly into mercury stars.


In the trenches of WWII,

Bombs clattered and boomed and soldiers died every second and Germans’ victory has been stopped. 


By Niks


Here is some work by Isabelle:

This island seems a great place, what do you think?:






Erin, Isabelle and Evie have been busy on Education City – keep it up!

This poem from Twinkl really sums up this year.  This is especially for the Year 6s.  I look forward to seeing the Year 5s in September.

Take Care and look out for Monday’s post.


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