Blakeney’s End of Year Messages

Can you believe we’ve come to the end of the school year Blakeney?! And so with  a little sadness in my heart and fond memories in my head, I send this little goodbye message to each and every one of your special young people:



There is one more home learning grid coming out on Monday so don’t wind down for the holidays just yet! We won’t be setting any Education City after today though. Nevertheless, please do use EdCity whenever you want to over the school break. All activities, worksheets and learn screens are available to you to explore and work on skills specific to your own needs.

Celebration of work this week: 

Well done to the young man in this photo below, who successfully completed some great work for science (habitats) and topic (creating his own location). He even created a map to go with his ideas. I can see he put a lot of thought and effort into his work – what a champion. Well done!




Kimberley also sent in a beautiful poem with fabulous imagery and alliteration. Not only that, she presented the poem with some lovely pictures all around it. I absolutely loved reading it and I’m sure you will too. Take a look:

The forest of thoughts…

Amanda has been writing regularly to let me know what she’s been doing: For example, Monday she did art, literacy,maths and the P.E  On other days, she chose to do science with her maths and literacy. Each day, she has worked to achieve something on the Home Learning Grid. Well done Amanda!

Education City this week

Well done to those of you who have completed the work on Education City.

Writing           1/23
Reading         3/23
Maths             3/23

Rising Strong

When you come back to school in the Autumn, we have prepared a lovely few weeks designed to help you fit back into your new classes comfortably and without stress. It’s call the Phoenix Rising Curriculum. It’s going to be light and fun and give you the chance to talk about your experiences over the last few months and about any of the things that are worrying you.  It will also provide the opportunity for you to reignite your passion and enthusiasm for learning, helping you to return to positive habits for learning skills and routines.

Look out for further information about our Phoenix Rising Curriculum over the summer break.


Well that’s all for now Blakeney. I will blog again on Monday with the home learning for next week.

Have a great weekend! Do write to me before the end of term to tell me how you are. Send it in to me at: [email protected]

Take care (mind and body) and stay safe

Ms Black


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