Hunstanton HLG 13-7-20

Hello Ducklings,

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend and managed to get out into the sunshine.

As it was so warm there was a lot of insect activity in my garden especially around the  Buddleia Tree. You may have heard it called the Butterfly Bush. It’s purple flowers are very good at attracting butterflies and bees.

A bee collecting nectar.

The Buddleia Tree has purple trumpet shaped flowers.

The purple colour of the flowers attracts the bees. Bees like the colour purple.

The trumpet shape of the flowers means the bush attracts insects with tongues long enough to reach right inside the flower.



Peacock butterfly collecting nectar.


The same butterfly from a different angle.

Look closely at these photos. Can you see the long tongue of the butterfly reaching right down into the trumpets of the flowers?





Having a clean after the meal.

Here is your HLG for this week:

Years 1 and 2 13-7-20

For English you will need:

Meerkat Information ppt

All About Beaches pdf

For Science you will need:

Plants We Eat ppt

Plants Need 13-7-20

Have a great week and don’t forget to:

  • Send me some photos of what you do this week.
  • Go on Bug Club.
  • Do several activities on EducationCity – don’t just do 1 or 2 and then cop out. “Fly With The Eagles”.

Mr H.


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