Hello Sheringham; 13th July

Hello Sheringham,

It is so nice to have the sun shining again. It makes us feel happy and reminds us that it is summer. Indeed, it is only one more week before the school holidays.

So this is your home learning grid  for this week: much of what is included is summarising the work done over the term.

Learning Grid PDF


For those that haven’t finished going through your book, please do continue with this: https://preview.pearsonactivelearn.com/PowerMathsYear3.

Don’t forget to also practise your times tables. How many can you do now in 5 minutes?


You will be preparing for and completing your hot task, in which you have to try and persuade me about something. If you are stuck for ideas, why don’t you persuade me that being at Greyfriars Academy is the best! Many of you arrived new to the school in September, so you can think about what it was like when you first arrived. If you had to persuade a child to come to the school, what arguments would you use?

You will notice that the spellings are the same as last week. This is because we have actually completed the Year 3 word list. You can go over them again so you will know them really well and I have also added some spellings onto Education City to have a go at.


You have been asked to prepare a powerpoint/poster telling me all that you have learnt about the Romans. What was your favourite part? As ways of reminder, why don’t you look at some of the bbc bitesize clips on Romans: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zwmpfg8/resources/1

I look forward to receiving your emails, photos and powerpoints.


There are some great and fun practical experiments to finish the work on this unit. Don’t forget to send me pictures!


Don’t forget your tackling tables.

It was wonderful to see so many of you had been on Education City last week. Let’s see if we can do even better this week. It would be great to finish with a record number of Sheringham pupils having a go!

Have a great last week of term! Hope we have lots to celebrate by Friday.

Mrs Moyle



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