Blakeney’s Monday Blog 13th July

Hi Blakeney! I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

The Home Learning Grid is ready for this week – everything you need is linked below as always.

Remember to email me some work, photos or a letter to share with your classmates. Contact me on: [email protected]  

Home learning for the week beginning Monday 13th July

HLG 13th July


In literacy, this week you will need the following resources:

In the City of Silences            The Cave of Curiosity



This week’s spelling practice is here:

Year 6 Practice Spelling Quiz 5

Reading Comprehension

If you haven’t had the chance to do all the Crime and Punishment reading comprehensions  they’re here for you. The answers can be found at the end of each sheet- ; just read, answer the questions and then check!

Reading Comp 1

Reading Comp 2

Reading Comp 3

Reading Comp 4

Reading Comp 5


Year 5 Power Maths text book link:

Well done to those of you who have finished the Power Maths book. This week, you will be working on different number problems, including consecutive numbers, prime numbers, square numbers etc. If you’ve forgotten what these are, just do a search online and it will be explained to you.


This week, you will be doing special project work in which you create your own amazing island. Read the instructions on the HLG and all will be explained!

Physical and mental health

Keep working at this very important aspect of your education Blakeney. For mental and physical wellbeing, yoga is an excellent habit to get into. Adriene has put together a special routine for waking yourself up. It’s only 15 minutes but it’s fabulous! :


The HLG also gives you some ideas for dance, and home circuits. For mental health, try relaxing with an inspiring online book (link is on the HLG).

Drama offering

If you fancy something a little different, I have discovered this excellent resource for some cool drama games at home – you can do them in a zoom session with classmates or you can have a go with family members. I will be!


Education City

Education City is set up for you again. It is available from Monday to Friday – a full school week. Please make sure you have a go by Friday.

As usual, the Home Learning Team will be contacting you this week to discuss any issues you may be having if you have not been in touch to share work so that we can keep you on track for your new school year in September. Year 6 – can you believe it?! You’ve all grown up so quickly over this year.

I look forward to hearing from you. Stay safe, keep smiling and keep working!

Ms Black



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