Blakeney’s Week in Review

Hi Blakeney!

Motivational Speech

My two key messages for this week:

There you all are, at home without me to stand over you and encourage you with my constant chants ‘stay focused’, ‘stay on task’, ‘give it your best shot’, ‘if you finish your work, then you can play a game!’

So what do you choose to do in this situation, when your teacher is not looking? Do you put your feet up, switch on your Playstation or Xbox, grab a snack and look forward to another week of chilling out? Or do you do what you know is right – keep your learning on track and your brains well-excercised? When all is said and done, you are the key to your own success. You are the only one who can make your dreams come true. So, make the right choice next week my dear Blakeney pupils. I look forward to seeing what you can produce. Send it to me at [email protected]





Ms Black’s News

Well, I haven’t had any skateboard adventures this week – I’ve stayed well away from all things with wheels. Though I did drive my car to have an adventure at Brancaster Beach on a very windy day at the weekend. I met up with friends that I haven’t seen since February and it was lovely! However, it was like walking through a sand storm in the Sahara Desert. We made a chain and worked our way a long the sand dunes, shouting to be heard – the children hiding behind the adults for protection, the dogs chasing each other back and forth, their faces covered in sand.  One of the photos below is not Brancaster Beach – it is a picture of a sand storm in the Sahara. So I’m obviously exaggerating when I say it felt like that – I can’t imagine how terrifying a real sand storm would feel!










I would love to share some of your own stories on here. Do send some of your news for me to share.

Take care and stay safe

Ms Black


Well done to those of you who have completed the work on Education City. This is how it’s looking so far: Only 7 children have done the writing, 5 children have done the reading,  and 3 children have done the maths. Do let me know if you have any computing issues that prevent you from doing this. You can call the school if you need to or you can send an email.

I can not emphasize enough the importance of continuing your hard work. You all made so much progress this year so don’t let that go to waste by allowing your brains to go off on holiday too soon! Get back to it.

Writing           7/23
Reading         5/23
Maths             3/23



Celebration of Work


Well done to Arminas who has finished the whole Power Math programme for Year 5! I have to say, I am not surprised because Arminas has shown sheer commitment and determination to stay on track throughout the period of lockdown. Really proud of you Arminas. Mum said he has been challenging his dad to get more points on Education City and he beat dad by ten points!! Sorry dad! Mum is going to motivate him with his spellings by putting him up against other members of the family in a spelling quiz. Great idea!









Preston is another superstar of home learning. He wrote an excellent report about modern-day pirates, he has continued to work on his spellings (with great progress might I add) and he has done some wonderful art, science and Education City work too. Preston has also been very consistent throughout the lockdown. Well done you!



















Noah, Azuolas and Kimberley produced some outstanding art work this week! :







Blakeney Class Year Book 2020

Answers to the ‘guess who’ baby photos – the first is Arminas, the second is me and the third is Kai!











Well that’s all for now Blakeney. Write to me so I know you are ok please! I look forward to hearing your news and seeing your work. Send it in to me at: [email protected]  and do pay close attention to what I said at the start of this blog.

Take care (mind and body) and stay safe

Ms Black


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