Welcome to a new week Winterton

Good morning everyone and Happy Monday! The start of yet another new week. If you haven’t been in touch last week, Mrs. Harris will be ringing or emailing you  this week. Make sure you contact me when she has spoken to you so she doesn’t have to ring next week! And a big thank you to all of you that have sent me emails last week – it is really lovely to see what are are doing at home and how much you are learning. I hope you all managed to look at Friday’s blog to see what has been sent in.

So the new HLG for this week is here: Years 5 and 6 6.7.20 There are lots of new and exciting activities to do this week. Make sure you send me at least one activity you have done from the HLG this week.

The Literacy this week is more poetry. I would love to see your ideas. It is quite a difficult unit isn’t it? But also one that you can let your imagination run riot! Have a go and send it to me. Here are the links you will need to do the work this week:

The Cave of Curiosity

Sentences to expand

In the City of Silences

This is the link to the spelling quiz: Spelling Quiz 4 How are you getting on with the spelling quizzes? Have you learnt the words well or do you need a bit more revision?

Here is a link to some extra writing work:

These activities are interesting to do. We have had some wonderful writing from people in their bubbles at school. What can you do?

Moving on to your Maths this week. I hope you are keeping up with your Power Maths. If not you need to catch up. Here are some extra maths activities Ms. Nordloh has sent:

Sudoku Mental Task



For your Topic this week you are researching modern day pirates. I have included a link for you from the American Navy.

This shows a news clip of an attempted pirate raid. Pirates don’t wear eye-patches and have parrots on their shoulder any more – if they ever did.

Another interesting Art task this week. Here are 2 things that may help you:


Watch this clip (10 min) to see lots of different optical illusions – they seriously mess with your mind!

Science this week is about the ‘Web of Life’ – how does your animal fit into the web of life? How do we fit into it?

Staying physically active. I have never heard of Rock, Paper, Scissors tag before. How about making a video of you and you family playing it? That would be wonderful to put on Friday’s celebratory blog!!

Staying mentally active. More sudoku – do you enjoy these? My mum loves them. She buys books full of them and will sit for hours solving them. I get very frustrated with them, but if I persevere I do get a great feeling of satisfaction that I have solved one. What about you?

Lastly, well done Caden who managed to finish his Education City between Friday and Saturday when the pages expired. Good work Caden!

Look out this week for a blog about the Leaver’s Disco. I will put a special blog up with all the information you need. Don’t miss it!!!!!

Until then, keep safe, keep smiling and keep working

Mrs. M x



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