Thornham Monday 6th July

Happy Monday Thornham!


Welcome to a brand new week! Hope you have had a great weekend albeit a bit windy. I have been busy sorting my garden and catching up on jobs in the house.

We have another busy week planned here is the home learning grid. Years 1 and 2 6.7.20


Please practise spellings every day so you are confident.


Keep practising your phonic sounds so you are fluent when reading unfamiliar words.


Make sure you read for 10 minutes a day. Let me know if you need new books on Bug Club or if you can read some of your own books.

Common exception words

Have a look at the words can you read them all? Can you spell then all?

Year 1 common exception words



Keep practicing counting forwards and backwards from any given number in ones, twos, fives and tens.

If you feel super confident try counting forwards in threes!

Continue with power maths – the read bubble will be looking at numbers to 100 and money this week.


Continuing learning about plants what do plants need?  how are they similar to us what is the same? what is different?


Holidays -you are able to make your own project/fact file about holidays.

D and T

The fun bit! you can spend your time creating your design will you use  a lever mechanism? wheel mechanism? or slider mechanism or all three?

I look forward to seeing your finished designs.

Education City

There are a selection of activities for Maths, English, Science and Computing this week. Have a look and see how you do.



Don’t forget you can access this website free. Have a look and let me know how you get on.

Have a great week and don’t forget to contact me if you need help and send me your  photos.

Mrs Stanley


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