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Hey Blakeney! How was your weekend? Did you have any disastrous interactions with a skateboard?

The Home Learning Grid is ready for this week, which I’ve linked below. Also the resources you will need for the week are with it.

Remember to email me some work, photos or a letter to share with your classmates. Remember – if we are concerned that you’re not engaging with the learning because you haven’t been in touch to share work or talk about how you are getting on, you can expect a phone call this week. I am still waiting to receive hot task poems from 17 children, which I’m hugely disappointed about as I love reading your poetry and I know you love doing it when you give it a go. I really want to see some of your other efforts in science, art and topic too please. Remember my messages from Friday:


Home learning for the week beginning Monday 6th July

The HLG and all the resources you need for this week are below. Don’t forget to let me know how you are getting on. Contact me on: [email protected]

Home Learning Grid 

Years 5 and 6 6.7.20




In literacy, this week you will need the following resources:

In the City of Silences

Sentences to expand

The Cave of Curiosity


This week’s spelling practice is here:

Year 5 Practice Spelling Quiz 4

Reading Comprehension

If you haven’t had the chance to do all the reading comprehensions set last week, they’re here for you. I recommend them – they’re an excellent resource and give you a broad understanding of our topic, Crime and Punishment. The answers can be found at the end of each sheet- so it will be just like doing the reading comprehension boxes in class; just read, answer the questions and then check!

Reading Comp 1

Reading Comp 2

Reading Comp 3

Reading Comp 4

Reading Comp 5


Year 5 Power Maths text book link:

We are still working on Unit 17 – Measure (volume and capacity). As per the usual advice,  text book first and then do the practice book if you want to understand what you are doing! Good luck.

The text book and the summer term practice book (if you lost yours) can be found by clicking on this  link below:


The answers to all of Unit 17 are here:

Unit 17 Practice Book Answers

For those of you who are finding this unit difficult, try doing the Strengthen Activities here:

Unit 17 Strengthen Activities

For those of you who would like a challenge, try these deepening activities:


Unit 17 Deepen Activities

The answers to both are found below:

Unit 17 Strengthen and Deepen Answers


You are continuing your work on endangered animals.  Please do send me your work for this so I can share I’m really looking forward to seeing it. Find the instructions on the HLG.


This week, you will investigate the question of whether piracy still exists today. A very interesting topic so I’m hoping you will have a go at that, please.


I would have liked to see some of last week’s 3D hand illusions. Please send them in Blakeney. This week, there is more of the fascinating optical illusions work to do:

You need paper, a pencil, a ruler or something with a straight edge and some coloured pencils or crayons.
Place your hand on the paper and draw around it. Draw straight lines of equal distance across your page, leaving the hand blank.
Use curved lines inside the hand. Add colours in a repeating pattern.

Physical and mental health

Keep working at this very important aspect of your education Blakeney. For mental and physical wellbeing, yoga is an excellent habit to get into. Adriene has put together a special routine for the classroom:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Td6zFtZPkJ4 (Yoga For The Classroom – Yoga With Adriene)


The HLG also gives you some ideas for relaxing with an inspiring online book or a sudoku puzzle. Have a go kids!

Education City

Education is set up for you again. I have been looking at who has been having a go and this week, it looks like this:

Writing – well done to …. nobody, as it appears nobody had a go. I expect more of you than this Blakeney!
Reading – fantastic job Brodie, Sophie,Preston, Grace, Isla and Enija for completing all tasks.
Maths – brilliant job Joanne, Brodie, Sophie,Preston, Grace, Isla and Enija  for either doing all the tasks or having a go.

We will be getting in touch shortly if we are concerned that you are not engaging with Education City and the HLG work being set. It is important that you feel ready for the Autumn term in September.

Please remember my key messages at the start of this blog – it’s not too late to get started and to get better at something, even if you have struggled to be motivated over the last few weeks. I look forward to hearing from you and to seeing those baby photos that you’re going to send in!

Keep safe, keep smiling and keep working!

Ms Black



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