A big Friday welcome to Winterton!!

Hello everyone

It’s lovely to see work from so many of you this week – below are the screen shots that I have been sent. Some of these are from work you have done at home, and others are from Purple bubble in school.

A particularly successful piece of art work from last week’s HLG

Some beautiful art work – I’m sure you will agree. If I get time this weekend I will try this – it looks so effective.

Next is some writing.

Ivan, your handwriting has really improved – well done! And thank you to all of you for letting me see your work.

I also have seen some other writing tasks;

White Rhinos by Vlad

The Black Spider-monkey Hette

It’s lovely to see a Tell Me Square – I do enjoy reading your opinions about our texts. I would also like to see more A-Zs to see what makes you happy. How about the rest of you? Can you send me your presentations?

Baby photo competition

Hope, Brandon, Tyler and Grey Bubble scored 3 out of 3 in the Baby Photo Competition. Of course it was slightly easier for Tyler, Brandon and Hope as they only 2 to guess – but well done all of you. Such a pity we didn’t have more photos to make it a little more difficult.

Education City

Education City news. Well done Daniel, Rio, Viktorija, Hette, Emily and Alysha for completing all the Education City work this week. Also well done to Tyler who has completed his spelling and maths assessment; Steven who has made a start on the punctuation/ grammar work and the spelling; Brandon and Caden who have started their punctuation/grammar assessment. When I check on Sunday I hope to see all the assessments completed by everyone. I can then tell how your learning is progressing.

More news!!!

Next week I will put up a link to a Leavers Virtual Disco for the whole year 6 to take part in at the end of term. As there will not be an opportunity to take part in any leaver’s event in school, I thought this will be a good substitute. MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I’ll be in touch on Monday with next week’s work.


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