OK Winterton – let’s go!!!!

Good morning Winterton and welcome to a new week!

I really hope that more of you are reading this and working out what pieces of work you are going to email me. Remember, my email address is on the front of our class blog, so there is no excuse for it not to reach me.

So, here is this week’s HLG:

29th June 2020 year 5 and 6 HLG


This week we are looking at another poem ‘ The Cave of Curiosity’.

The Cave of Curiosity

What do you think? Send me your Tell Me Square together with your spellings this week.

Year 6 Practice Spelling Quiz 3

Mr. Stratton has sent this link to the extra writing work his bubble are doing – have a go! 11_uprooted



I have put some maths work on Education City – so don’t forget to complete that, plus a few extra pices that Ms. Nordloh found for you. Onto Topic. Something interesting to think about this week. Sir Francis Drake and Grace O’Malley.

Below are some links to help you decide what YOU think.


Grace O’Malley 1


Sir Francis Drake 1

So, Sir Francis Drake good, Grace O’Malley bad? Why do you think English history would tell it this way? (Think about your bias work.) I have my own opinion, but I would really be interested to see what your opinion is. Email me your writing, or just your thoughts about it.


I have never done this art lesson before, so would love to see your results. I might even do it at work this week – if I have time!

When it comes to your science work this week, you need to think about how you could help the endangered animal you have chosen.

Polar Bears Week 5

I hope you are staying mentally active and I’m looking forward to seeing the alphabetical list of what makes you happy. We all need to know the things that make us happy, to help us feel better when we are not happy.

So lots for you to think about and do. Remember to go onto EducationCity and complete work set there, so I can see the progress you are making. I am going to put assessments on there this week and only give you a week to do them in. This will show me how well you are keeping up with your learning. Remember no Ed.City work and no emailing will get you onto Mrs. Harris’ phone call list, and it really is not difficult to email me work. Just take a photo and download it – simples!

Last minute news!!!!

I have just checked Education City as I said I would and well done to:

Emily, Hayley, Caden, Hope, Brandon and Rio, who have all submitted work this week. Make sure YOUR NAME is added to the list this week!!!

Keep safe, keep happy and KEEP WORKING

Mrs. M x


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