Heacham, it’s another week!

It is another week and it is going to be brilliant!

I’ve even managed to make 2 videos for you.  The first one tells you all about this week.




The home learning grids are here

Reception 29.6.20

Years 1 and 2 29.06.20

This is the powerpoint you’ll need for the Seasides through the Ages section of this week’s work.  I know it’s changed a lot since I was little.


Also, if you’d like a video, you can watch the Magic Grandad Seaside videos.

The promenade

The beach

Seaside entertainment

I’d love to go back in time like Magic Grandad, wouldn’t you? When would you like to travel to?

Lastly, this is the video for how to use the EducationCity revision work.  It’s really useful and means that you get work that is exactly right to fill in the gaps for you.


As always, let me know if there are any problems, or anything exciting going on.

I’ve got news – we’ve put the roof on our shed! That’s quite exciting if you are me.

Take care, and wash your hands,


Miss Cook




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