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Good Morning Cromer Class,

We’ve got another packed week this week, so get ready!

Here’s the Home Learning Grid: 29th June 2020 year 5 and 6 HLG NEW

How did you get on with the spot the difference?

Here’s the answers (as promised):


In literacy this week we are starting a new unit of work, with a new poem.  It’s called The Cave of Curiosity.  Here is a copy of it: The Cave of Curiosity


Playing with words.

Divide your page into 2 columns.

In the first column write a list of common noun places.

In the second column write a list of abstract nouns.

Here’s an example:


Read the Cave of Curiosity.

Then performance read it and complete a Tell Me Square.  Your square should include:

  2. Dislikes
  3. Similarities
  4. Questions

Please email me a copy when you have finished.  Thank you.



Performance read the Cave Of Curiosity again.

Look at each verse and think about the pattern and meaning.

Create a toolkit for writing poetry.

Think about the language and patterns.

Please email me a photo of your toolkit – thank you.


Spelling: Spelling Quiz 3. Just like last week, you will need to get someone to read the spellings to you from the answer sheet. Write the word in the gap in the sentence. When you have finished, check your spelling.  Year 6 Practice Spelling Quiz 3

Please email me a photo of your work – thank you.


Write a reflective diary telling me about your learning this week – your successes and any problems that you may have had.

In the Pink Bubble we are also doing a comprehension, if you would like to do it, please click here: Historical Punishments Stage 5 Comp – Comprehension Pack

Also, please take this time to email me any work your have done and have not yet emailed.  I love to see you work.  Thank you.



Year 5: https://preview.pearsonactivelearn.com/PowerMathsYear5

Year 6: https://preview.pearsonactivelearn.com/PowerMathsYear6

Help videos: This ‘how to’ video explains how to access and use the content:

Parents/carers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssa6TAjzgug

Problem of the Day:

If you haven’t done this, give it a go.  Please let me know how you get on.


Bonus Mathematics:


We are carrying on with pirates in our crime and punishment topic, this week we are looking at Sir Francis Drake and Grace O’Malley.

Our key question this week is: Sir Francis Drake was a goodie. Grace O’Malley was a baddie. Do you agree?

These websites will give you some information on Sir Francis Drake:




These PowerPoints will also give you some useful information about Sir Francis Drake: Sir Francis Drake 2  Sir Francis Drake 1


These PowerPoints will also give you some useful information about Grace O’Malley: Grace O’Malley 1 Grace O’Malley 2

These websites will give you some information on Grace O’Malley:


9 Facts you probably don’t know about Grace O’Malley:

  1. She did not speak English
  2. She cut her own hair when she was a girl so she would look more like a boy, so she could be a pirate. She was told her long hair would get caught in the ropes.
  3. She was one of the most ruthless pirates of her time.
  4. By the time she was 23 her husband had died and she was a single mother to 3 children. She remarried and gave birth to her forth child on a ship!
  5. She had a very sharp tongue and could be quite rude!
  6. When she met Queen Elizabeth I, she refused to bow to her.
  7. Also, when she met Queen Elizabeth I she had a dagger on her.
  8. She lived into her late 70s.
  9. There is a bronze statue of her at Westport House


After reading all the information (the HLG has a lot of information too), you will need to write a persuasive letter to Queen Elizabeth I explaining your point of view on whether you think Sir Francis Drake was a goodie and Grace O’Malley a baddie.

If you’ve forgotten how to write a persuasive letter, take a look at the PowerPoint below.  I’ve also included some examples of persuasive letters and a word bank that you may find useful.

I’ve included some sample persuasive letters on different topics.

Persuasive Letter Example Recycling Plastic Waste

Persuasive Letter Example Superhero

Persuasive Letter Writing Checklist

Persuasive Letter Writing PowerPoint

Persuasive Letter Writing Word Bank



We are carrying with our work about endangered animals.

We are carrying with our work about endangered animals.

The slides we are working on this week are on:

  • why is your animal endangered?
  • What is being done to help your animal?
  • What causes animals to become endangered? (perhaps pollution, destruction of rainforests destroying animal habitats? Another bit issue humans introducing new plants and animals to small islands.  Also some exotic animals are killed for their skins or tusks (crocodiles, elephants)

Remember to take notes and put in your own words as much as possible.

Please share your work with me so far – I really look forward to seeing it.

Here is an example: Polar Bears Week 5



We’re still working on optical illusions.  This week we are going to drawing a 3D hand!

If you click on  https://www.tes.com/lessons/NxdPS1b-3-ZRFQ/optical-illusion-drawings you will need to chose the ‘How to Draw a 3D Hand’


  • paper,
  • a pencil,
  • a ruler or something with a straight edge
  • some coloured pencils or crayons.


Basically, you will need to put your hand on the paper and draw around it.

Then draw straight lines of equal distance across your page, leaving the hand blank.

Use curved lines inside the hand.

Add colours in a repeating pattern. It should end up looking like this:



Education City

This week you have assessments to do.  I will be able to see how you score.  Education City will then create a revision guide for you!

Play lives are still there if you want to keep playing them too.


Keeping Yourself Physically Active:

The Home Learning Grid has some great ideas for you, but if you fancy something different try, somethings from here:


They have both indoor and outdoor activities to chose from.  Enjoy


Keeping Yourself Mentally Active:

Again, the Home Learning Grid has some great ideas, but if you fancy something else or something extra, give some of these a go:

Start with a stretch: Starting from the head, go down the body stretching out each part. Roll your neck, wiggle your fingers and rotate your arms…

Give a gold star: Create a star template and each family member writes one for each other. Have some examples such as – “I give you a gold star for always making me laugh.

Make a playlist: Everyone in your family picks an uplifting song. Then send the finished playlist to everyone so they can play it during the day.


Don’t forget to send me photos for Pet Wednesday.  Remember, if you don’t have any pets you can always take photos of wildlife.

Get Busy!



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