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Good morning everyone!


I hope you had a lovely weekend. The Home Learning Grid is ready for this week, which I’ve linked below. Also the resources you will need for the week are with it.

Remember to email me some work, photos or a letter to share with your classmates. If you have not been engaging with the learning and have not been in touch to let me know how you are getting on, you can expect a phone call this week. I am still waiting to receive hot tasks from 19 children and would like to see some of your science, art and topic work too please.

It’s an exciting week starting today as we’re doing our ‘class yearbook with a difference’. This yearbook will be different because

it will be full of our baby photos!

How can I participate? Find a photo of yourself when you were a baby and email it (Monday or Tuesday) to your me and I will put all the class photos onto a single document and upload it to the website on Wednesday.

What happens after that? You will go to this class blog page on Wednesday, download the photo doc and the answer sheet and guess who the babies are. Write/type your answers onto the answer sheet and email it back to me by Thursday afternoon.

How will we get the answers? Next Friday, I will give the correct answers on this class blog page and will also announce who got most guesses correct!

Make sure you get your photo to me by Tuesday!

This should be fun, and the more of you that participate, the more fun it will be. So come on everyone! Start sending those baby pics in today!

Ms Black

Home learning for the week beginning Monday 22nd June

The HLG and all the resources you need for this week are below. Don’t forget to let me know how you are getting on. Contact me on: [email protected]

Home Learning Grid 

29th June 2020 year 5 and 6 HLG NEW (1)



In literacy, this week you are going to work on a poem called Cave of Curiosity.  Having already completed one poem of your own last week, you are now in a more confident position to start working on another one. A copy of this new poem can be found by clicking on the link below:

The Cave of Curiosity (1)

You also have your spelling quiz to do this week, based on the words you have learned form the 5/6 spelling list. Ask someone to help you work through the quiz and then email me your work to show me how well you did.

Year 5 Spelling Quiz 3

Reading Comprehension

There are some excellent reading texts here which are all focused on our current topic, Crime and Punishment. The answers can be found at the end – so it will be just like doing the reading comprehension boxes in class; just read, answer the questions and then check!

Reading Comp 1

Reading Comp 2

Reading Comp 3

Reading Comp 4

Reading Comp 5


Year 5 Power Maths text book link:

We are still working on Unit 16 – Converting Units of Measure. As I said last week, it’s really important that you read through the  text book pages for the lessons, before you try and do the practice book work or you will probably not understand how to do the work correctly. Just like in class – text book first and then practice.

The text book can be found by clicking on the first link below. https://preview.pearsonactivelearn.com/PowerMathsYear5

The answers to all of Unit 16 are here:

Unit 16 Practice Book Answers

For those of you who are finding this unit difficult, try doing the Strengthen Activities here:

Unit 16 Strengthen Activities

For those of you who would like a challenge, try these deepening activities:

Unite 16 Deepen Activities

The answers to both are found below:

Unite 16 Strengthen and Deepen Answers


This week you are continuing to work on Polar Bears (Week 5) . I would love to see some of this work coming in Blakeney! This week we will be concentrating on why your animal is endangered and what is being done to help this species? What might cause animals to become endangered?

Remember to make notes and then write in your own words as much as possible. Do not just copy and paste if using the internet.

Look at the example below for some ideas but remember you can share the information in whichever way you want.

Please do send me your work for this so I can share I’m really looking forward to seeing your presentations.  You can find the polar bears lesson here:

Polar Bears Week 5


Sir Francis Drake was a goodie. Grace O’Malley was a baddie. Do you agree? Not all pirates were outlaws. Read the information on the HLG about the ‘hero’ Sir Francis Drake and ‘the pirate’ Grace O’Malley. All is not what you would think. Write a persuasive letter to Elizabeth 1st explaining your point of view.


I saw some fantastic examples of optical illusions using lines and shading last week. This week, it gets even more exciting. Again, you will be working on Optical illusions using shading to show form. But this time, you will be creating a 3D hand picture like this:

To learn how to draw a 3D hand, go to:


You need paper, a pencil, a ruler or something with a straight edge and some coloured pencils or crayons.
Place your hand on the paper and draw around it. Draw straight lines of equal distance across your page, leaving the hand blank.
Use curved lines inside the hand. Add colours in a repeating pattern.

Physical and mental health

Don’t forget to work on this very important aspect of your learning. For physical health, make sure you check out Miss Penman’s stretch routines – Miss Penman is a superb dance instructor and she’s put together some great workouts for the Greyfriars children. Have a go – I have! Scroll down the page – you will find Miss Penman’s workouts that were posted a few days ago.

For your mental health, reading is a brilliant way to escape the four corners of your room. Settle down with a good book to read and relax  by going to the following webpage:


Sit back, get comfortable and listen!

Also, do an A-Z of all the things that make you happy! For example:

A is for art
B is for baking
C is for cakes
D is for dogs

Education City

Education is set up for you again. I have been looking at who has been having a go and this week, it looks like this:

Writing – well done to the following five children who completed all three writing activities set. However, 17 children did not attempt the writing tasks.
3/3 Joanna
 3/3 Grace H
 3/3 Amber
 3/3 Brodie
 3/3 Kimberley
 1/3 Evelyn
Reading – fantastic job those of you who managed to get yourselves on to the following list. However, 16 children did not attempt the writing tasks.
 3/3 Joanna
 3/3 Evelyn
 3/3 Amber
 3/3 Brodie
 3/3 Kimberley
 2/3 Arminas
 2/3 Amanda
Maths – brilliant job to those of you who did all three activities. Though 14 children did not attempt the maths tasks.
 3/3 Joanna
 3/3 Preston
 3/3 Evelyn
 3/3 Amber
 3/3 Arminas
 3/3 Amanda
 3/3 Brodie
 3/3 Kimberley
 1/3 Enija Lagzdina Blakeney

Again, it appears that the same children are doing all three subject on Education City. I’m very proud of you. Those of you that are not attempting EdCity work and are not sending in your work from the HLG to me are a great concern to me. We will be getting in touch shortly to discuss what you will need to do to catch up and feel ready for the Autumn term in September.

I repeat what I said last week: the only way you will feel prepared for Year 6 is if you try to keep on top of the home learning now. It is really important to your education and well-being that you commit to a daily work schedule. You know I am here if you need support or help. Just email me if you have a question or don’t understand something.


Many thanks

Keep safe, keep smiling and keep working!

Ms Black



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