Happy Friday Heacham class.

Good afternoon lovelies,

Well, I don’t know what the Happy-At-Home Crew have been up to, because I have had no emails this week.


Maybe you’ve all been taken by aliens, or run away with the circus, or gone to go and explore the jungles of the Amazon – that’s one of the few places where people have never been, so I hope you find something exciting there!

In Yellow Bubble we have been pretending to be Sunny, writing postcards back to the Meerkat Mob from school. We’ve also been chalking outside, drawing and colouring in the sunshine.  We’ve been exploring the technical aspects of writing sentences, and what makes a sentence, as well as what doesn’t!  We’ve also talked about the weather a lot, because it’s been so hot, and we’ve looked at how thunderstorms happen.

We’ve really enjoyed Cosmic Yoga Dance Party this week though.  Have a try and see what you think!

Well done Freddie for reading, and Harper for having a try at this week’s EducationCity.  You’re both superstars!

I’ll be back on Monday with a new Monday blog, all your work for the week, and if you’ve got anything you’d like us to celebrate, just send me an email and it will be done!


Take care, and wash your hands,


Miss Cook


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