Cromer Class, Friday 26th June, 2020

Friday’s blog

Hello Cromer Class,

It’s a long post today, so sit back and enjoy!

I hope you are all well and have enjoyed the lovely weather we’ve been having.  To be honest, it’s a little too hot for me!  Let me know what you have been getting up to.

This week we did ‘Be the Pond’ by Cosmic Kids Zen Den – Mindfulness for kids.  It’s a type of yoga/meditation.



For this we had to sit, close our eye and imagine a pond.  Next, we had to name all the emotions we were feeling – for example: happiness, sadness, anxiety, selfishness, excitement, etc.  and make them into a fish.  For example, my angry fish was a red fish! Then we had to imagine that we were the pond containing all these emotions and to think about the emotions.

When we had finished, we shared our emotions.  These are some of the emotions we felt:

Bored – more than usual, due to lockdown, can’t see friends – seeing more, getting better back to school

Impatience – when will this lockdown end?

Sad – we can’t do what we want – swimming, birthday parties, sleepovers

Sad & angry because we can’t see our family yet

Pleased – get my hair done at last!

Happy – warm weather we can enjoy because we can go outside as many as times as we want (not like earlier in the lockdown)

Included – with friends at school, and outside school

Excited – the rules are loosening

Anxiety – worry about our families; will Covid 19 come have another peak?

Why don’t you give Be the Pond’ by Cosmic Kids Zen Den a go and let me know your feelings (if you want to – you don’t have to). Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wf5K3pP2IUQ


As the weather has been so hot, we haven’t done Joe Wicks but instead we have done some yoga, this is the video we used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Td6zFtZPkJ4 (Yoga For The Classroom – Yoga With Adriene)

Most of us really enjoyed Yoga with Adriene.

Archie said he felt much better after doing it and he felt really invigorated!

Niks thought it was relaxing and calming.


If you saw Wednesday’s blog, you saw a lot of animals!  If you have any photos of pets or wildlife please send them in for next Wednesday’s Pet Blog.

I’ve heard from quite a lot of you this week which his great. I’ve heard from Isabelle, Thomas, Stephanie, Lee, Erin, Klevi and Stacey-Jo.

I’ve also received quite a bit of work this week too – which is fabulous.

Take a look at some of the work I received:

This is from Isabelle:



This is from Thomas:

Here is some work from Stacey-Jo:

Here is some work from Stephanie:



In the Pink Bubble we also wrote our own version of City Jungle before we wrote our own.  Here is our poem:


Village Park


Heat beams down.


The empty swings weave gently;

their seats beckon children.


Wood chippings shuffle –

The ice-cream man’s van

Sings songs to children.


At the edge of the park

Exhausted parents gaze.


Sweet wrappers blow by,

Twisting themselves into knots.

The plastic roasts.


A bike leaps;

Slides flinch.


Streetlights bare

their yellow teeth.

The park’s

Charcoal grey belt

lashes across

the scorching walkway

of the park.


By The Pink Bubble


What do you think?  Do you like it?


It was also Stephanie’s birthday on Thursday, she is 10.  Mrs. Gabriel took a photo of her:


We hope she had a great day.

Lots of people have been busy on Education City. So thank you to: Thomas, Stephanie, Klevi, Erin, Archie, Niks, Evie, Anthony, Kaysee, Valeria, Autumn and Elyse.

Something to keep you busy over the weekend (answer will be on Monday’s blog – Good luck!).  Can you find 10 differences:

Check out this lovely news article about Meg the dog and her duckling – I really think you’ll like it.


There are 10 differences between the 2 pictures, can you find them all?

From the Pink Bubble: we really enjoyed looking for the differences, but it’s really hard!

Have a great weekend – see you on Monday!


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