Cromer Class: Pet Wednesday – 24th June, 2020

Good Morning Cromer Class from the Pink Bubble!

We’ve got more great pet photos to share with you.  Please send us yours if you haven’t done so already.  If you don’t have a pet, you can always send in any wildlife animal you see in your garden or on your walks.

Here is a photo of Anthony with his macaw:

Here is a photo of Anthony with his bird Ricky.  Anthony calls him fat Ricky:

These are Ricky’s children:

This is Anthony’s aunts 2 macaws – aren’t they beautiful – apparently one is jealous of the other!


Here are Niks’ dogs:

Pink Bubbles favourite photo of Niks’ dogs:

Here are some photos of Lee’s cat, called Max.  We think he looks purrfect!


Here is Miss Shelbourne’s cat, Sula:


The Pink Bubble thinks that Sula is adorable.  We love her green eyes!

Here are some photos of Archie’s dogs:

This is Puppy – we love his name!

Here is Nala:

Another on of Puppy:

Another on of Nala:


This week, Sissy makes her debut:

The Pink Bubble hope you enjoy this post – we enjoyed making it.  Please send us more photos for next Wednesday’s ‘Pet Wednesday’!



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