Wells Class – Monday Blog 22-6-20

Hello Wells Class,

I hope that you are well and have enjoyed the weekend. I was busy walking in the woods and also going to Hunstanton for a walk along the cliff tops and fish & chips on Sunday. What have you been up to?

Please find the new Home Learning Grid (HLG) for this week attached in this blog and email if you have any questions or require any help with the activities. Remember to email me with photos of your work before Friday so that I can see what you have been learning and share your work with your classmates.

In English, we will continue with the ‘City Jungle’ poem by Pie Corbett – creating your ideas of personification and then writing a poem for a Hot Task on Wednesday. I have also included the Statutory Spellings for both Y3-4 and y5-6 for you here: Y3-4 Statutory spellings mat  Y5-6 Statutory spellings mat  These can then help you choose 10 appropriate spellings for the week to learn using the Look/Cover/Spell/Write/Check technique we use in school. Remember to read lots at home as well as use Lexia to aid your spellings and reading skills if you have a login.

In Maths, we will continue with the Power Maths using Practice Book Unit 13 Lessons 3-7. This unit is all about drawing lines and angles accurately, as well as calculating angles. Tackling Tables is available online so you can learn your X Tables at home too.

For Topic, you will research and then present your findings about if pirates were heroes or villains. There is information on the HLG for this and also a website I’ve found useful is: https://www.dkfindout.com/uk/history/pirates/

In Art, there is an interesting task to develop your shading techniques – use the website on the HLG to develop your ideas and skills first.

For Science, we are continuing the theme of animals with researching their habitats and how this impacts on their numbers. A really useful resource  I have found is the World Wildlife Funds website: https://www.worldwildlife.org/species/directory     This website has a variety of animals with information about their habitats, why they are threatened and what is being done to help them. The Powerpoint about Polar Bears is an example of a research project: Polar Bears Week 4

The Duchess of Cambridge hosted an online assembly about the ‘Importance of being Kind’ on Thursday – it is really interesting and well worth watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4ejWRWEd5k

Finally, please remember to use Education City for the activities I set for you each week and you can also challenge children from your class and activities to games. Please find the Home Learning Grid below:

22nd June 2020 Y5 and 6 HLG (1)

Take care and keep safe,

Mr Stratton


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