Happy Monday Brancaster Class

Good morning Brancaster Class and welcome to a brand new week.

Have a think back to last week….. how do you feel about it? Did you have a go at any of the activities? Did you try your best? Did you persevere when tasks and activities were hard? Do you feel proud about the effort you put in?

You don’t have to share how you feel, just think about how you could improve this week. The great thing about a Monday is that it’s a brand new week, a bit like a blank page in a book, a fresh start. It’s up to you to make this week the best! Work hard, try your best and don’t give up!


Here is your learning grid for this week.

Year 3 and 4 22.06.20


Look at your spellings for this week and think about ways in which you can learn them. Remember, we all learn in different ways. Look at the posters below. Which way is best for you?



This week we are writing our hot tasks. Remember to take your time when planning your story. When it’s time to write your story, think carefully about your handwriting, presentation, punctuation and sentences. Re-read your paragraphs and sentences to make sure they make sense. Don’t forget to use our model text to help you.

The King of the Fishes Model Text


We are continuing with statistics this week, here is a link to the Textbook, Textbook C, make sure you read through the unit and lesson you are on before beginning the activity in your book.

Watch this video to learn a bit more about answering bar chart questions.

Here’s a link to some games and activities on Topmarks, have fun!



I know that some of you have come to the end of your Power Maths books. If you have then now would be a great time to flick back through your books and think about the areas you found tricky. You can find lessons and games on BBC Bitesize to help you to really understand a topic area. Remember I am here to help too, just email me or ring the school office and I will be in touch.



This week we will be exploring water.

Watch this video to recap on matter and discover the wonderful properties of water!



This week we are continuing to learn about the Colosseum and the life of a Roman Gladiator. Follow this link and take a virtual tour of the Colosseum.

Here is a clearer copy of the Roman Gladiator labeling activity. If you can you could print this at home or you could draw your own Gladiator and label him.

Label the Roman Gladiator

I hope you all have a wonderful week and have lots of fun with your learning.

Remember to get in touch if you need anything and send me all your wonderful work!

Make sure you get your work to me by Friday lunchtime so I can include it in our Friday celebrations.

Have a great week everyone.



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