Happy Monday and hello new week Winterton! (Mon. 22.06.20)

Welcome to a new week Winterton.

So another Home Learning Grid for this week. You do need to be trying to complete as much of this as you can every week now, as we are on countdown for you starting High School in September. You need to make sure that you are up-to-date with your learning skills and subject knowledge so you are High School ready!!

So here it is:

Years 5 and 6 22.06.20

To start, we have your literacy. You are working towards your hot task on Wednesday with collections of your ideas. I need you to email me your hot tasks when you have finished so I can see how you have got on with this unit. Everyone already in school will be doing this too.

If you would like more writing to do, then here is an activity that Mr. Stratton is using in his bubble.


Also Ms Nordloh found this for you:

The anagrams on the right hand side are synonyms for the word in red – how many can you find?

This week’s spelling quiz is here:

Year 6 Practice Spelling Quiz 2

Now for your topic for the week. When I read the HLG I found out many things that I did not know about pirates. Send me your fact file to see if you can tell me more facts that I didn’t know.

Your art this week is one of my favourite art lessons. If you follow the instructions carefully, you can produce a stunning piece of art!

I would love to see your versions.

Here is another example you may want to use for your presentation on endangered animals for your science this week. The children in school are producing some wonderful work on this. (You may have seen some on the blog last Friday where I share the work that I have been sent.)

Polar Bears Week 4

Also Mr. Stratton found this link which may help you with your research:


Make sure you don’t forget the activities on Staying Mentally and Physically Active as well, as it is important that you keep your brain and body active too. How many anagrams can you complete from the list? How many of you have played the games suggested? Or have you made up your own games?

Last week the Duchess of Cambridge broadcast an assembly about kindness. We all watched it in school, even the children in the Reception bubbles watched it. Here is the link if you did not see it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4ejWRWEd5k

Last but not least, Ms Nordloh thought you might be getting bored and that perhaps you like might to learn to knit. Here is a link to a knitting tutorial for children produced by a company that makes wool: https://knitrowan.com/en/news-events/news-events/kids-knit

If you make anything, please share pictures!

Finally …

remember that if I have not heard from you via email last week, or if you have not done any work on Education City last week, Mrs. Harris will be contacting you this week to see how she can help you. As I have said, it is really important that as a year 6, you keep up, or catch up, with your learning. The Home Learning Grids and other links are not here to stop you getting bored; they are here to replace what you would have been doing in class – learning! Don’t let yourself down and don’t give less than your best!

More news next week on a possible virtual event we could hold at the end of this term. I will let you know when I find out more details.

Take care, keep smiling and carry on learning!

Mrs. M x


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