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Good morning everyone!

It was Father’s Day yesterday – did anyone plan something special? Did you know that the idea of a special day to celebrate fathers was introduced from the United States. There, a woman called Sonora Smart Dodd was inspired by the American Mother’s Day celebrations to plan a day to honour fathers. The celebrations in the United Kingdom are thought to have been inspired by the American custom.

The Home Learning Grid is ready for this week, which I’ve linked below. Also the resources you will need for the week are with it.

Don’t forget to email me some work, photos or a letter to share with your classmates – I am still waiting to hear from some of you.

Ms Black

Home learning for the week beginning Monday 22nd June

The HLG and all the resources you need for this week are below. Don’t forget to let me know how you are getting on. Contact me on: [email protected]

Home Learning Grid 

HLG 22.06.20




In literacy, we are still working on the ‘City Jungle’. I am expecting to see some hot tasks coming in on Friday. Please send this work in as I love to read poetry. Here is the model poem, just in case you need it again.


If you would like more writing to do, then here is an activity that Mr. Stratton is using in his bubble.


You also have your second spelling quiz to do this week, now you have worked through the words on the 5/6 spelling list. Although it says Year 6, it is designed for you – we do the same words in Year 5 and Year 6. Ask someone to help you work through the quiz and then email me your work to show me how well you did.

Year 6 Practice Spelling Quiz 2 (1)


Also Ms Nordloh found this for you:

The anagrams on the right hand side are synonyms for the word in red – how many can you find?


Year 5 Power Maths text book link:

We are now working on Unit 16 – Converting Units of Measure. As I said last week, it’s really important that you read through the  text book pages for the lessons, before you try and do the practice book work or you will probably not understand how to do the work correctly. Just like in class – text book first and then practice.

The text book can be found by clicking on the first link below. https://preview.pearsonactivelearn.com/PowerMathsYear5

The answers to all of Unit 16 are here:

Unit 16 Practice Book Answers

For those of you who are finding this unit difficult, try doing the Strengthen Activities here:

Unit 16 Strengthen Activities

For those of you who would like a challenge, try these deepening activities:

Unite 16 Deepen Activities

The answers to both are found below:

Unite 16 Strengthen and Deepen Answers


This week you are working on Polar Bears Week 4 – a brilliant topic. We will be concentrating on your animal’s habitat. What information should we include? (What kind of habitat is it? What plants are found there? What other animals are found there? What’s the weather/climate like? In what areas or countries are these animals found?)Can you find scientific evidence?

Remember to make notes and then write in your own words as much as possible. Do not just copy and paste if using the internet.

Look at the example on your class webpage for some ideas but remember you can share the information in whichever way you want.

Please do send me your work for this so I can share I’m really looking forward to seeing your presentations.  You can find the polar bears lesson here:

Polar Bears Week 4 (1)


This week, we are considering this question: Were pirates, heroes or villains?

Many stories about pirates are contradictory. This means that some people think they were swashbuckling heroes, and some think they were violent thieves. Find out more about this lesson by looking on the Home Learning Grid (HLG).


There is a great lesson on optical illusions this week – you will be learning the technique for this and also applying some of your shading skills form earlier in the term to show form


You need plain paper and a pencil or coloured pencils if you have them.

Here is a finished example:

Physical and mental health

Don’t forget to work on this very important aspect of your learning. This week, we have set you a good book to read and relax with:


Sit back, get comfortable and listen!

Education City

Education is set up for you again. I have been looking at who has been having a go and it’s looking like this so far:

Well done to those  who completed all the maths: Grace, Sophie, Amanda, Brodie and Amber. Kimberley and Enija also had a go, which is good to see.

Enija, Grace, Amber and Brodie did all the reading activities. Brilliant! Sophie, Amanda and Kimberley almost finished them all – great stuff!

The literacy work was completed by Enija, Sophie, Amber, Brodie , Kimberley, Grace and Amanda.

In fact, the same seven children can be seen engaging with Education City each week. Well done – I’m very proud of you.


I am concerned about those of you who do not seem to be engaging with the home learning as you will be back at school in September and the only way you will feel prepared is if you try to keep on top of the home learning. It is really important to your education and well-being that you commit to a daily work schedule. You know I am here if you need support or help. Just email me if you have a question or don’t understand something.

I am really looking forward to receiving your emails this week with examples of your work attached – especially those HOT Tasks and the Polar Bear fact files. I am celebrating your work every Friday on this blog so if you send it to me by Friday, I will be able to share with your classmates.

Many thanks

Keep safe, keep smiling and keep working!

Ms Black





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