Heacham class – haven’t we done well!

Good afternoon my lovelies,

We have made it through another week.

Some of us are now in Yellow Bubble.

Some of us are now in Red Bubble.

Some of us are now in Blue Bubble.

Some of us are still at home.

We are all still Heacham Class, we are all still in this together, and I am still here for all of you.

This week in school has been exciting in that we have shared in an assembly with the Duchess of Cambridge, who even in lockdown still has a lovely smile and a smiling face (and lovely hair, as one of my bubble said!)  If you didn’t get chance to see it, then the link is here.

We’ve had more frogs growing in the pond as well, which is exciting.

Out of school, there has been some great work being done.  Harper told me about her work but sent a photo of her relaxing with her dog.  Relaxing is just as important as working, so I’m pleased you’re getting both things done!  I’m also glad you are enjoying Winnie the Witch as well, I love reading those.  I think Harper has had a lockdown fringe cut as well!  I’m not brave enough to cut my hair though.

Alex has done a lot of work and several 9 mile bike rides!  That sentence makes me tired just typing it!

Alex and Freddie have done lots of reading on Bug Club, and Mollie-Mae and Alex have done a lot of EducationCity work as well.  Well done all of you.

The most important thing is that we are all safe and happy, and talking about the things that make us sad or worried as well as the things that make us happy and excited.

Take care, and remember to keep washing your hands!

Miss Cook


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