Blakeney’s Friday Blog 19th June

Hi everyone!

It’s almost the weekend. Don’t forget to go onto Education City to finish the work I set for you on Monday – I set work for Maths, Reading and Writing and it will be available until Sunday evening. On Monday I will check your progress on there before writing the blog. So you have time to get on there before then!

I’ve also received news from your classmates and have some work to share with you.

Azuolas sent me a presentation about the Animal Kingdom and what living things need in order to survive. It’s beautifully presented:


Lily B also sent me some work about animals but she focused on endangered species. There’s a lovely picture of a leopard that she used and she has presented the work as a report with questions and answers. Take a look:

Lily Boss

Isla also wrote to let me know that she’s writing a coronavirus/quarantine report and will send a picture when it’s completely finished. This is what she’s prepared so far and I’m looking forward to reading the full report:


Keep writing everyone – I love to hear from you. I will be contacting you soon if I haven’t heard from you as it’s really important that you try and keep up with the work. That way, you will feel better prepared for going into Year 6 in September.

Have a lovely weekend!

Ms Black


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