Heacham 17th June 2020

Good morning,

How are you all?  That’s a really important question!

In school, we are doing well.  Yesterday we started using the BBC Teach series of clips on feelings.  Yesterday was about being happy, and today is feeling sad.  There are quite a few in the series and so we are going to use them all to look at our feelings and think about what we can do about ones we don’t enjoy, and how we can make more of the ones we do enjoy.  Yesterday we also talked about how to make other people feel the enjoyable feeling of being happy.

https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/feeling-better/zhy6y9q  This is the link, but the blog isn’t letting me put photos on for now, so we’ll have to wit for that to be fixed.

In our story, Meerkat Mail, we watched it again and we made a list of things that we would take with us on a holiday.  What would you take if you were Sunny?  Today we are going to be practicing the story so that we have it firmly in our heads, and looking at each section to see who lived there and what the weather was like.  We’ve also made cone animals and used them to make up our own savannah stories with a meerkat.

We’ve also started using EducationCity individually. I have given each of the children I have here a quick phonics test and then matched them to the EdCity phonics to help them learn the ones that they don’t know!  If you’d like this done for your child, email me, and we’ll sort that out.  I’m going to do the same for basic maths later in the week, but we only have one computer, so it takes a little time!

In our science we are looking at parts of a plant, and creating our own plants to go on the wall.  The frogs are doing well and we have lots of babies.  If I can get a photograph today and get it to upload, I will do.  Yesterday we found an egg shell that the baby bird had hatched from and then the parent bird had tidied up the nest and thrown it out!  We think it was a wood pigeon.  Or a very small dragon.  But probably a wood pigeon.

When I get to school today I’m going to try and do a bit of video.  You remember all the trouble I had before when I tried to do it at home?  Well, I’m not giving up – we improve because we never give up!  Hopefully that will be better and then I can speak to all of you.

I will speak to you later,


Take care, and remember to wash your hands!


Miss Cook



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