Thornham 15th June

Hello Thornham class!

It seems strange calling you Thornham class at the moment since we are  learning in different places – some of you are learning at home, some of you are in school learning with me in the red bubble and some in the yellow bubble.

However, welcome to a new week for learning!  Here is this weeks home learning grid which has lots more great activities for you to have a go at.

WB 15-6-20

I hope you enjoy your learning this week, please let me know if you have any concerns or need help. As usual I can be contacted by email [email protected]  or by telephone via the school office  773087. 

As I am in school, I may take a little longer to get back to you but I will try and reply the same day/evening.



Continue with the power maths next lesson  and  practising counting backwards in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

You can also continue practising times tables – 2’s, 5’s and 10’s http://www.tacklingtables.co.uk 

If you have finished completing the Power Maths book lessons, you could have  a go at the maths activities on  https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize and of course the activities I have set up on https://www.educationcity.com



Spellings – practise spellings everyday. You might want to also practise spelling the days of the week too, as these are in the ‘Meerkat Mail’ text!

Continue to internalise (learn) the text  with your actions so you are very confident with the story and characters. Retell the story to a member of your family and tell it with lots of actions and expression.

Later in the week you will need to create a story map for ‘Meerkat Mail’. I have already completed one in school which is attached – you might want to use some of my ideas for pictures etc.

You will also need:

Expanded Noun Phrases

Meerkat Mail Comprehension


Reading – please try to read at least 10 minutes everyday.

Bug Club – I check regularly your allocated books to make sure you have not run out!  Please let me know if you would like new books.

Phonics/high frequency words – keep practsing reading your sounds and high frequency words. Here is a reminder of them!

Phase 2 to 5 high frequency words

Phase 2 3 sound mat – Copy

phase 5 sound mat

for those of you who are confident with the first 100 words here are the next 200!

200 High Frequency Words  


Science –Identifying wild and garden plants.

Here are the links you need:

Terrific Trees

Tree Hunt Activity

Deciduous or Evergreen Sorting Cards


Topic – Seaside places

Here is the ppt you will need this week:

Seaside Places


Design and Technology – Levers

Continuing with moving pictures – this week we are learning to make levers. You will need to access the following:


Lever or slider

Activity Sheet Jack and the Beanstalk Lever Black and White

Activity Sheet Instructions


Finally, have a great week!

Mrs Stanley and Mrs Wiggs




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