Hope you had a great weekend Holkham (15/06/20)

Good Morning Holkham,

I hope you all had a great weekend. You can find this week’s ‘Home Learning Grid’ here…Year 3 and 4. Remember that it is on the front page of the website should you need to find it again quickly and I’m at the other end of an email if you have problems opening the PDF. Please don’t feel you must complete all of these activities, they are just there to give you and your grown ups inspiration for learning opportunities. That being said, please try and do as many as you possibly can!


Shaking Hands with the Model Text

Hugging Close to the Model Text

The King of the Fishes Model Text

Boxing Up



Power Maths books 3C and 4C follow the next lesson in sequence as they build on your previous learning each day. You can find the textbooks here:

Year 3: https://preview.pearsonactivelearn.com/PowerMathsYear3

Year 4: https://preview.pearsonactivelearn.com/PowerMathsYear4

You are continuing to work on angles and the properties of 2D shapes. Remember to use the angles song from our Maths Meetings.


We are going to continue learning about matter and will be moving on to learning about gasses. Have a look at the links and videos below to help you.

BBC Bitesize Matter

Topic (Rotten Romans)

This week we are going to be learning all about The Colosseum in Rome. I  visited it when I was in Italy and it’s amazing. You can even see the claw marks from the lions which the gladiators used to fight.

I’d like you to label a Roman Gladiator and a chariot too and think about how you might feel being a Gladiator going into battle? You can use the video below to help you.

Gladiator Video



Other Learning

If you didn’t get chance last week. I’d like you to have a go at Roman Numerals this week too. Have a look at this video and then see if you can write down the numbers 1-20 for me.


I have uploaded more learning to Education City into a folder called ‘Holkham Home Learning 15/06/20′. I will keep the ’08/06/20 folder’ open so that you can still access anything from there if you haven’t yet completed it.

Don’t forget to give your Tackling Tables and Twinkl’s Times Table check a practice and learn your Year 3/4 statutory spellings too. Remember to look, say, cover, write and check each one until you get super fast and accurate. The focus spellings are on your under Monday’s English on the Home Learning Grid.



When you are reading for 10 minutes each day, ask your grown ups to challenge you with comprehension questions at the end of each page (comprehension question can be found in previous blogs or online).

If you would like additional reading comprehension resources you can find some here… Reading Booklets


A note for grown ups

As you know, last week Greyfriars Academy proceeded with an extended opening to children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, following Government guidelines. Unfortunately, we now know that opening will not extend to Year 3/4 pupil unless they are part of a key-working family until September. Obviously, I’m very upset that Holkham Class will not be back together in person but in spirit we truly are a community, Please contact me if I can do anything to support your child’s learning further. Also you can contact the school office if you would like anymore information.

With the above in mind, I will continue my blogging and video messages on a Monday and Friday, with a short video message include each Friday. You will still receive your child’s ‘Home Learning Grids’ as usual on a Monday morning. Please note it might take me slightly longer to reply to E-mails enquiries.

Remember that you can (but do not have to) access learning resources from The Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize which they are adding to daily.


Final Messages

I know it’s not very nice knowing that we might not see each other for a while yet but keep working your very hardest. I’m extremely proud of you all!

Have great week Holkham,

Mr Sellers


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