Hello Winterton! A new and updated blog for Monday 15th June.

Good morning everyone

Yes, this blog looks a little different. I will now blog on a Monday with information about the week’s work and then again on a Friday with a celebratory blog, where I can share all your wonderful achievements! You can email me at any time during the week.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I did, the weather was lovely wasn’t it? A few more people have been sending in their work now which is really good. It does make me happy to see what you are learning, and it helps me miss you a little less when you keep in touch. Here is your Home Learning Grid for this week

15th June 2020 Y5 and 6 HLG (1)


So this week in literacy, we are still working on the ‘City Jungle’; working on vocabulary, comprehension and your Tell Me Square. Please send this work in as I would love to see what you think of this poem! Here is the poem, just in case you need it again.


You also have new spelling work from this week. Now you have learnt all the words on the 5/6 spelling list, you can do a short quiz each week. Ask someone to read the spellings from the answer sheet, and you fill them in on the quiz sheet. Show me how well you did.

Year 6 Practice Spelling Quiz 1


This week you are due to finish Unit 13 – how has it been going? What have you learnt from this unit? If you feel like a challenge, look at this

This clock face has been written using just the digit 9 to make all the numbers 1-12. Can you do a similar thing with any other digit? Send me your attempts so I can see who has been brave enough to attempt it!


This week you are continuing with your work on endangered species of animals. I’m really looking forward to seeing your presentations. Here is an example to help you.

Polar Bears Week 3 (1)


You are going to be writing a persuasive argument about whether or not it would be a good idea to be a highwayman. On the Home Learning Grid, it talks about remembering that accounts that we use for evidence are often written from the view point of the writer – remember the work you did on bias? Take this into account when you are reading evidence and also use it to your advantage when you are writing your argument. Here is something that might help you with gathering your thoughts on this issue.

Highwaymen #Lesson Presentation Highwayman Hero or Villain

Dick Turpin sources Activity Sheet

Dick Turpin Hero or Villain – Editable


Your art looks interesting this week. You can use all the textures that you found last week to complete a ‘Take a Line For a Walk’ work. Of course you can add other ideas that you have, but each section needs to be a different pattern. You could try adding colour to your art work – I’m sure they will look stunning – I know how good you all are at art. Please share!

Physical and mental health

Finally remember to keep your mind and body active with the suggested activities – or think of some of your own and share.

Education City

This has slightly changed this week. From now on I am setting all your work for Education City, rather than just your writing work. So the whole folder of work (which is titled Winterton wb 15.6.20 and is in the classwork section) is just for you. This makes your work much easier for me to check who has done what and what score you got. I have not sequenced the work, so it will let you do the subjects in any order. Do try to do the work in each subject in the correct order though (Learn Screen first, then activity) as it will be easier that way. I look forward to seeing many more names when I check Education City on Friday.

… and finally

There are not many weeks before the end of term, and then only a few more until you will be at High School (whatever that looks like. If the virus is still around that may look very different to what we are used to. Perhaps another example of the ‘new normal’. Who knows?) But it is important, as I said on Friday’s blog, that you prepare yourself for the next stage in your education. No-one knows what High School will be like for you all, but you can prepare yourself by keeping up with your work. You need to do everything you can to put yourself in the best position possible.  But do not worry! If you are concerned about anything, either about your school work, or what September may bring, please email me and we can sort it. Problems are never as big when you share them with someone. Miss Shelbourne is doing some work with children in school on transition to High School – talking about worries or concerns you may have about moving. If you would like to join in, email me and we will see if we can work something out so she can do some of this work with you via email, or phone call.

… and finally, finally

Remember that if you have not been in touch with me via email, and I have not seen the work you are doing, you will be receiving phone calls to check that you are okay and to see that you are not having any problems.

I am really looking forward to receiving your emails this week with examples of your work attached, so I can share them on the blog. If you don’t want your work shared, just let me know when you email it. I will still be able to appreciate it, even if the class won’t.

Many thanks

Keep safe, keep smiling and keep working!

Mrs. M x


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