Winterton blog Friday 12th June

Good morning everyone.

We have lots to celebrate this morning! I have received a lot of work from Brandon. I can see he has been working really hard on his Home Learning Grid. Here are just a few of the pictures he has sent in:

Also Tyler has sent some more of his work:

Thank you boys – that is wonderful – and thank you both for sending work in for me to share! It is lovely to see your frottage work. What about the rest of you – can you share your frottage work with me? I would love to see the variety of your ideas.

Have any of you made an animal presentation? It would be interesting to see the variety of animals you have all chosen. What about your wanted posters for Robin Hood? I would love to see them.

Also well done to those of you that have done work on Education City this week. Emily has done really well on her SPaG assessment scoring 100%. Congratulations Emily! Tyler has also done his maths, science and his SPaG assessment. Caden has done an English activity and Hayley has had a go at her SPaG assessment. Well done everyone.

Let’s see some more names on there next week! Also don’t forget about Tackling Tables. You will need to know your tables really well for when you start High School – they will expect you to know them.

Has anyone done the sunflower challenge? Quite a few Bubbles have done it in school and we have some lovely artwork to put up. Can your share yours so we have some more artwork to put on our blog?

As I said at the beginning of the week, you really need to make sure you are doing as much school work as you can during the week as it is extremely unlikely you will be coming back into school if you are not here already. You need to keep up. I am having virtual meetings with your High School heads of year over the next few week’s and letting them know about you. So don’t worry about information not being passed on. They will all be ready to welcome you on your return to education.

Anyway take care and if you are worried about anything at all I am always at the end of an email. And remember to share your work with me!

Keep safe and keep smiling – and keep in touch!

Mrs. M x


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