Cromer Class 12th June, 2020

Hello Cromer Class!

I hope that you are well and enjoying the little bit of sunshine we are getting this week.

I have heard from quite a few of you this week, which is great.  I’ve heard from Thomas, Reuben, Klevi, SJ, Erin and Isabelle.

Isabelle has sent us a photo of her cat playing with her snake!  The cat looks lovely.

The cat’s name is Tinks, which is short for Tinkerbell.

If you would like you pet featured on this page, send me a photo and I’ll put it up.

Isabelle has also been working really hard on her Power Maths.  She’s also been working on Education City and keeping up with her spellings:

Here is some of Isabelle’s literacy:


Here’s some of Erin’s literacy:


A lot of people have been working on Education City this week, these people include: Thomas, SJ, Stephanie, Erin and Isabelle.  Well done.

How did you Robin Hood posters turn out?

Here’s Isabelle’s:

Here are the pink bubble’s posters:







Thomas has also sent me lots of maths work, but I don’t want everyone to see the answers, so I’m not posting them at the moment!

Erin also did some art work:


Please keep sending me your work.  I love to see it.

Have a good weekend.





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