Brancaster Class ~ Happy Friday Everyone

Hi everyone, I hope you have had an amazing week.


Once again, it’s been great to hear from lots of you.

Thank you for all your emails and pictures, I really enjoy hearing what you’ve been up to!

I received a lovely VLOG (Video Log) this week from Isaac! He send me the link so I could watch it in school. In his VLOG Isaac told me about his learning and what he had been up to – such a fantastic way to share his news!

Jack has been busy this week and I have received daily updates from him. Did you see his powerpoints that I shared on Wednesday? He’s created another one all about fizzy drinks! Well done Jack, you really are putting your computer skills to good use.

Fizzy drinks

Lots of you have been busy learning about Hadrian’s Wall.

Here’s a great clip to watch –


Thank you to those of you who shared your work with me…



It’s also been good to see your science diagrams this week…

Tyler has been hard at work this week, well done Tyler – keep up the great work!


Some of the children from Brancaster Class have been working on their Sunflowers – see my blog earlier in the week – Grow Your Creativity! Here’s Freya with her beautiful sunflower. Well done Freya, I love the purple background.


Education City

Well done to those of you who have completed work on Education City this week – there are too many to mention here! A special shout out to the following children who all scored over 70% on all of the games! Well done!



Make sure you check our class blog on Monday to see our new home learning grid for next week.

Don’t forget to email me with your work, I love seeing what you’ve been up to!

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Emery


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