Frogs in the sensory garden

This week has been an interesting one in Yellow Bubble, mainly because of frogs.

On Monday, we decided that we would tidy up the sensory garden, do some weeding and so on.  It’s our outside space, so we thought we’d have a good look at it.

One of the children found this…

This is a very dead frog. We have a pond in there, a little one shaped like a butterfly, and with all the really hot weather we had had, the water had evaporated down to about 10 centimetres of dirty slimy water.  Yuck we would say, but it’s lovely if you’re a frog!  This one had got stuck outside of the pond though, which meant it wasn’t in a dark, slimy, wet place, it was in bright sunshine.  That is not lovely if you are a frog.

We put some bricks in the pond to help hold the lining in place and also so that the frogs could use them to get in and out of the water.

We had a good look at it, and then we did some writing about it.  Whilst we were doing that, the hosepipe was filling up the pond again.

On Tuesday we had a look in the pond, and found this…

This is a common frog (we know because we looked it up when we got back to the classroom and we matched our pictures to the ones we could see on the internet). We were pleased to see that the bricks were helping the wildlife.

Unfortunately he escaped from the netting and into the sensory garden, so we caught him in a jug and Miss Cook let him go in the Walks so that he had a lot of water to swim in.  The pond was still occupied though, with lots of little froglets!

We did some drawing and writing about frogs and what had happened, and their life cycle.

It was a very interesting few days and we are looking forward to seeing the froglets grow into big frogs.


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