Winterton blog Wednesday 10.06.20

Good morning everyone.

How are you all? Keeping well and safe I hope. Also I hope you are keeping up with your work so you are ready to begin High School in September – what ever it may look like! I have heard from Brandon and if he agrees I will put all his wonderful work on the blog tomorrow, so make sure you check it out.

Are you enjoying the new text? I think it is a really expressive poem and uses personification really well. Maybe you have had some thoughts about ideas for your hot task already? It would be lovely if all of you could send me pictures of you doing your literacy work to make our blog more interesting – and then I also know you are doing the work!

How is the maths going? What new things have you learnt? Why not let me know and then I can see what knowledge you will be taking to High School with you. What have you learnt about Crime and Punishment? I’m sure you have some work from your topic that you could share. Don’t forget that there is always Education City work for you to do, and I do check this every week.

As it looks like I won’t be seeing those of you that are working from home before the summer holiday, it is really important that I know you are okay. If I don’t hear from you I will be in touch to check you are okay and that there aren’t any problems with you accessing your work. If you can’t access your work, then the school office have printed out paper copies of the Home Learning Grid and any other paperwork that you will need.

Whatever you are doing today – and I hope that you will be contacting me via my email –  [email protected] – keep safe and keep smiling

Mrs. M x


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