Snettisham and Heacham 10th June 2020

Good morning!

How are we all?

Those of us who are back at school have had a few days to settle in, and I know there are some pictures on another post that show some of the Snettisham children having a lovely time.

I’m in Yellow Bubble, and so I don’t know what the other Bubbles are doing, which is a bit strange.  Even teachers can’t go into someone else’s bubble – even if the children aren’t even there!  We don’t really see our teacher friends, we just see the people in our bubble.

This is something we made yesterday.  It has all of the hands of the Yellow bubble people around the outside, and then our names in yellow bubbles on the inside.  It says “We may have to keep our distance, but we are still together.  If you want to, you can send me a picture of a drawing around your hand, and I will print it out and put them around the outside of our circle, because even though you aren’t here, you’re still one of us and we miss you!

Hopefully you’ve had a look at the home learning grid for this week already.  I was supposed to do this blog on Monday, but I’ll admit, getting used to this ‘new normal’ that everyone is calling it, is a tricky thing in lots of ways, including time!  I’ve set an alarm on my phone now to make sure that I get it done. (At the moment, I have 14 alarms on my phone for school things, because all of the times of our day have changed as well!  Thank goodness I have my phone and a diary and a paper list of things to do)

I’m going to go to school now, but I have a lot to tell you about the last couple of days, including what has been living in the sensory garden.  Can you guess?  I’ll give you a clue….

It likes cold, dark places, lots of water, and mud.

(In case you are worried, it’s not a crocodile.)

I have to go, so remember to keep washing those hands, and I’ll see you when I see you,


Miss Cook


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