News from Blakeney Classmates!

Hi everyone,

I’ve heard from Isla, Kimberley, Sophie and Grace Hails in the last few days. They’ve sent in some of their work to share with you.

Isla said she is trying out some of the English grammar sites that I recommended in a previous post.

Kimberley has sent me this amazing piece of work – look at the way she changes a car into a dinosaur! You can also see how she’s feeling about coronovirus in there too, plus it shows some of the clever shading she is famous for in class:


Grace has done an incredible presentation using powerpoint – the art work and photography is fabulous. Not only that but she has superb sentence structure and grammar – she obviously did some careful editing:

How Sea Turtles are endangered

Sophie worked really hard on her nouns in literacy last week…lots of concentrating. Mum sent some samples for us to see. She said, at first Sophie was sure she couldn’t think of 50 common nouns, then when they started, they were able to think of loads! They certainly did – have look for yourself – you can see Sophie really enjoyed combining the common and abstract nouns and set herself a harder task by using alliteration for most of them!


Keep writing to me Blakeney! I am missing you all!

Take care and stay safe

Ms Black


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