Hunstanton HLG 8/6/20

Hello Ducklings,

Unfortunately these ducklings don’t know how to social distance.








Ava has sent me some more photos of what she has been doing. Thank you Ava and Ava’s Mum. Ava had her 7th birthday last week. Happy Birthday Ava.

Ava has just got in to Harry Potter. How do we know?











Ava’s writing about her birthday. She is a duckling who knows how to socially distance.


Ava’s weather chart.

Here is your HLG for this week:

WB 8-6-20 KS1

You will need these resources for this week’s lessons.


Meerkat Mail


How to Make Sliders

Gingerbread Man Slider


Clothes sorting activity

Empty suitcase

Enjoy your week; remember to email me any photos you would like to share with others on the website.

Mr. H.


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