Friday Celebrations Holkham Class (05/06/20)

Good afternoon Holkham,

I hope had a fantastic week and are looking forward to the weekend. Remember you can still use this weeks ‘Home Learning Grid’ over the weekend if you’d like to – find it here… Year 3 and 4 Home Learning Grid. Don’t forget that you can find your new story text in Monday’s blog. There you will also supporting links and videos to Science, Maths and Topic. Don’t forget to read for 10 minutes every day with your grown ups and challenge yourselves with comprehension questions at the end of each page.


Learning Celebrations 

Borislav has been on an amazing adventure. As he was very excited to investigates all about Ancient Romans roads, he and his Dad used the internet to find one on 17 miles from King’s Lynn called Peddars Way, which they then visited! Borislav took along his Roman shield too to take fantastic photos. He has also been completing my Iron man audiobook challenge. Well done Borislav!


George has been working very hard in Maths – continuing to learn about time, and the Angles and Properties of various shapes. He has created a beautiful collage of his name and a fantastic wanted poster of the Warrior Boudicca. Great job George!

Logan has chosen his own learning topics this week as he has shown an interest in animals, in this case, sharks and polar animals. I’m really looking forward to seeing the other work he produces. Thank you Logan!

David has been busy this week. Producing a beautifully illustrated story map for our new talk for writing text and a comprehensive list of wishes and his reasoning behind choosing them. He also produce a lovely research piece on Boudicca. It’s so lovely to see so many of you engaging with hr story. Great job David!

Not only has Kristian been working very hard at home, he has also been working hard in school too. He has been considering what he likes and dislikes abut our new story text, working on spelling and considering what he would wish for if he were given the opportunity of three wishes. He has also produced a story map too! Well done Kristian.

Brayden has had a very busy week too. He has produced extremely descriptive science work, a beautiful collage of his name and amazing working on his likes, dislikes, similarities and questions for our new talk for writing text. He has created a fantastic Boudicca wanted poster and self-extended himself to research the Space X Launch.What a great role model – fantastic work Brayden!

Final Messages

Keep your emails coming! I’m trying to reply to them as quickly as I can.

Hope you have a great weekend,

Mr Sellers


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