Snettisham and Heacham 3rd June


What a couple of days! I’ve been getting ready for year 1 children to come to school by emptying Heacham class ready for the reception children, and setting up Yellow Bubble ready for year 1.

Would you like to see?

Ta dah!

I know it looks a bit bare, but that’s so we can keep everything super clean and virus free.

We’ve got a story to read (I’ll post the link tomorrow) and these are the characters.

We have posters reminding us to keep our distance but still be good friends using a rainbow wave!

Whether you are in the Happy-At-Home Gang or the Yellow Bubble Crew, these things are important. (If you want some to put up at your house, just let me know!)

This is Mrs Wiggs favourite bit – the sink and the green bottle of spray that we will be using a lot. There’s even a sign to remind you to wash your hands.

Each child has their own table, and each table has a tray on top full of useful things so that they don’t have to share with anyone, and a tray underneath to store coats, lunchboxes and all that kind of thing. Actually, it’s just for coats and lunchboxes as we need you not to bring things in! Everything thing that comes in is something else to keep clean, so only bring essentials. Like a coat. And a lunchbox.

My plan is to post up on here what we are going to do so the Happy-At-Home Crew can have a go as well. I’m just sad I won’t be seeing my Reception lovelies because I’m with the Y1. I will take photos of the Reception rooms for you and then if you’re about to be in, you’ll know what you will see.

If you want to know anything you think I can tell you, please do email me. If I can help with photos or information, I will. If I can’t, I’ll find someone who can!


Take care, and wash your hands,


Miss Cook


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