Have a lovely Half Term Holkham Class!

Good Morning Holkham,

I hope you’ve had a great week. If you haven’t found it yet you can access this week’s ‘Home Learning Grid’ here…Year 3 and 4 Home Learning Grid.

Next week you won’t have a ‘Home Learning Grid’ as it will be half term, however, you can still use this week’s grid or access learning resources from The Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize which they are adding to daily. That being said, you have all worked so hard it is very important that you have a good rest. Please make time to relax and enjoy quality company of your family.

For previous learning support on our English, Maths, Science and Topic focusses, have a look at the Holkham Class Blog 18/05/20.



I know it’s the holidays but it is still important to read for 10 minutes every day with your grown ups. This is quality time for you to spend enjoying reading with an adult or older sibling. J. K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter novels once said ‘If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book yet‘. I agree, but would also add, that maybe it doesn’t have to be a book. You could read a comic, magazine, ebook, newspaper – it is up to you.

Remind your grown ups to challenge you with comprehension questions at the end of each page (comprehension question can be found in previous blogs or online). Don’t forget that if you would like additional reading comprehension resources you can find some here… Reading Booklets


Learning celebrations 

George has been working extremely hard this week. I particularly loved the detail of his diagram of human muscles and how he considered the structure of the report Romans have Conquered! He has also made fantastic program with time. I’m sure he won’t mind me saying but he made a marvellous mistake. Remember, mistakes are great because they help us to learn – and in this case its going to make everyone who visits this blog page learn. My feedback to George on his reading of a 24 hour clock looked like this…
‘Have another look at the bottom of Page 53…
12:52am would be 00:52
This is because we don’t actually use the number 24 – which is silly because it’s called a 24 hour clock! When we go one minute over 23:59 it becomes 00:00, then 00:01, 00:02 and so on until we get to 00:59 and then it’s 01:00, 01:01.’
Amazing George – thank you for helping everyone!!
Rhys, as always, has been working hard on Tackling Tables, Education City and Lexia. He, like George, has created a fantastic muscle diagram and research piece on voluntary and involuntary muscle movements. He has been looking at Roman Roads around the Great Britain and even created a diagram of the formation of one. He can also been seen below enjoying the weather in the garden but keeping up the good work. Well done Rhys!
As I mentioned earlier in the week, Freya has performed a song all about bones dressed as a skeleton! I will share the video in my vlog to you all as soon as I can record it and upload it. Well done Freya, I bet it will inspire others to do the same.
Brayden has had a busy week working on the research of Roman Roads including their location and a diagram of their structure. He has also been working very hard in Science – which amazing research being conducting on the muscles and joints of the human body. He has also included an incredible poster board on Roman vases. What a great role model for our class – well done.

David has been working hard on creating a diagram of the human muscles. I think it’s really descriptive. I’ve never really though about the muscles in my shine being responsible for my foot going up and down!

Borislav has been busy this week working on reading an analogue clock in Maths. Listing his likes, dislikes, similarities and questions from our story text ‘Roman’s have conquered’. Practising his spelling and researching Roman roads. Well done!

Logan has been very busy using his new lightbox to practise his letter and number formation. What a clever idea! I think we might need to try and get some of these gadgets for school. Well done Logan!


A note for grown ups

With school potentially reopening to some pupils from June 1st. Children in the year groups who have not been selected by the government, such as the children in Holkham Class, might start to feel frustrated they can’t also return or worried about returning in the future. I found a nice bank of resources and conversation starters on Young Minds that you might want to use over half term to support your children.

There are ideas for ideas for extra activities from the National Education Union on last Monday’s blog if you would like to have a look at them…Holkham Class Blog 18/05/20.


Final Messages

Thank you so much to everyone in Holkham Class and your grown ups – we’re not just a class; we’re a community. I couldn’t be more proud to be your Teacher. I miss you all immensely. Have a lovely half term together. Relax, reflect, recharge and make memories.

Stay safe and well,

Mr Sellers


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