Snettisham and Heacham 21st May 2020


Well.  I’m not sure it is.

Kevin the cat has not come in this morning, and I’m a little bit worried.  I know he’s probably just having a jolly good sleep somewhere and he’ll turn up shouting because he’s hungry, but I’m still a bit worried.  I keep thinking about “What If?” questions.  “What if he got shut in someone’s garage?” If you see a ginger and white tom cat with one ear, please let me know? (And I’ll let you know when he comes back in, strolling through the door like the King of the Castle!)

It’s ok to be worried about things.  I’ve done something about my worrying – I’ve talked to people (well, I’ve written it on here!) and I’ve asked for help.  That means that my worry is having something done about it.  If I didn’t do anything about it, it would just get bigger and bigger!

I’ve also done some Cosmic Yoga.

BBC lessons are up for the day, but there’s a very interesting sign at the top that says that they aren’t doing any lessons for next week because it’s half term!  I didn’t carry on blogging over Easter, but I think I will over half term.  Perhaps we’ll go on more than one trip and do some baking.  How does that sound?

Anyway, those are the lessons for today.

I’m going to make a cup of tea and think about English for next term, and try not to worry about Kev.  I feel better because I’ve shared what I’m worried about.  You can tell your adults, big brothers and sisters, your pets, anything that worries you.  Sometimes someone else can help you fix your worry, sometimes they can just be kind about your worry.

Take care, wash your hands, and drink plenty of water. It was very hot yesterday and if you’re feeling tired and a bit off today, it’s because you didn’t drink enough yesterday.  How do you think I know that?

I’ll let you know when Kev comes home.

Miss Cook


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