Snettisham and Heacham 18th May 2020

Good morning,

It’s another beautiful day.  I’ve made time over the weekend to go through your lovely emails to me, and found some great pictures that I apologise for not sharing before.  There’s some lovely photos – and some made me really hungry! You’ve joined in with celebrating Pyjamarama, Doughnut Week, as well as doing the work.  You lot are amazing. I’m such a lucky teacher!



Phew! There was a lot there!

The shout out list for this week for EducationCity and BugClub is also really long!  Well done all of you!

Bug Club – Snettisham – Frankie, Isabella and Devon have all been reading a lot, as have Corrine, Alex, Olivia, Hattie, Mollie-Mae and Zainab in Heacham.

EducationCity – Settisham children Devon, Violet, Frankie, Ava-Rose, Iris, Annabell, Ethan, Freddie and Callum have worked hard, and so have Angel, Alex, Sabine, Corrine, Harper, Mollie-Mae, Ella-Rae and Kevinas in Heacham.  Some children have had a go at the Reception and the year 1 work, so well done them!  The new educationcity work is up now, and I’ll have a look tomorrow morning to see if anyone needs any new books on BugClub.

I’ve got something to show as well.

This is RadCom which is a magazine all about amateur radio – if you were in school when I was in you’ll have seen the little radio that I use, but if you weren’t then whenever we go back I’ll bring them in again.  There was a special evening to show support for the NHS and I took part in that.  We had to send in a photo of us taking part in the radio conversation, and Jack sent one in of me, and I was put on the front cover! (And so were lots of other people.)

Here’s me, working the radio.

See? Even grownups have things they are proud of and want to share.  Ask your adult what they are proud of.  It might be something from when they were little, or from when they were an adult.

Here is the BBC lesson page for today.  It matches your EducationCity and the Home Learning Grid, so whichever you choose, it’s all about taller and shorter.  Who was the tallest person in the world? Can you find out and let me know?


Take care, and wash your hands,


Miss Cook



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