Snettisham and Heacham 14th May 2020

Good morning,

I think it’ll rain today.  It looks very grey outside.  It was a lovely bright morning, and then the clouds have come in.  However, since I began this there is now a patch of blue sky.  My Nanna used to say “There’s enough to mend a sailor’s trousers.”  She also used to say things like “Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight! Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning.” which as about if it would rain that day or the next.  Ask your adults if they know any saying about the weather.  You can also have a look at weather sayings from the Met Office here by clicking on the picture.

Today’s BBC work is here.  I know some people have been finding the Power Maths a bit tricky because it isn’t like the maths that your parents and I did when we were little, we did things differently, and it’s ok to learn different methods, but if you are finding it too tricky, don’t worry about it, use the BBC maths with the videos and so on, and we’ll sort it out when we all get back to school, whenever that is.


Hmmmm.  The puppy has suddenly gone very quiet.  I’d better check and see what he’s up to!  I wonder if it’s something good or something that he’s chewing that he shouldn’t be?

Ah.  He’s gone back to sleep and he is snoring!  I think he’s planning a lazy day.

I’m going to make a cup of tea and then look for pictures of your work in my emails.

Take care (and wash your hands!)

Miss Cook



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