Snettisham and Heacham 11th May 2020

Good morning my lovelies!

Today I am back to my usual routines.  Last week was very odd because I was in school, but not really teaching, but it was only for four days, and so Friday was odd, and I’ll be honest, I like a routine.

I like to know what I’m doing.  A routine is things that you do in the same order, and a lot of people like them because it means that everything gets done.  When routines get lost, things get missed out, and that’s no good.

This morning I have :-

*got up/washed and dressed/let Dexter out in the garden.

*had a cup of tea/read the news/checked my emails.

*got my coat/wellies/lead and taken Dexter for a walk

*started this blog/educationcity/upload the learning grid

What do you do in a routine?  I like to keep mine in groups of three (I don’t know why!)

Today’s lessons from the BBC look good – I like Henry VIII.  Ask an adult if they can remember the rhyme for what happened to his wives.

It is a very strange time, and you might hear grownups talking about what is going on.  What really matters is that you know that you are all loved and cared for, that everyone is trying to keep everyone safe, and we will all get back to school eventually. And that I miss you!

Dexter is not worried by any of this – he always looks like this when he’s about to go to sleep.  He lets me do the worrying.

If you’re worrying, try this, from Jamie’s Zen Den. Click the picture for the video to work.  It looks at saying, it’s ok to feel like this, and this is what we can do about it.

I had better get on and get the EducationCity work up for you so that we can all get on with our routines.

Take care – and wash your hands! That hasn’t changed!

Miss Cook


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