VE Day Year 3/4 celebration ideas (08/05/20)

VE Day Year 3/4 celebration ideas (08/05/20)

This year Friday 8th May is the 75th anniversary of VE Day. VE stands ‘Victory in Europe’ and was a celebration to mark the end of World War 2, where lots of people had street parties, went to dances and had a great time!

Unfortunately, unlike previous celebrations, we can’t all be together at the moment but we think it is still very important to make sure we celebrate this special anniversary with activities we can do with our families at home. We can still share pictures and work with our Teachers and school friends using the internet.

You can find more information on VE Day by clicking the image below to a watch video and read articles articles on this important event.

Suggested Activities

To start with, you could follow this Reading Comprehension Activity on the history of VE Day and then answer its questions. For an additional challenge, you can follow this Powerpoint and answer the question from the Quiz at the end of the slides.

Why not have a go at code breaking using this Morse Code activity? You can solve the messages below, before writing your own secret code for a member of your family. You can listen to each letter represented by Morse code here.

We have a fantastic VE DAY WORDSEARCH created by Joseph in Brancaster Class, which we think would be great for everyone to have a go at. You could print this out and complete it or, using the screenshot function on your phone or tablet, use the draw tools to work on this digitally. Thank you Joseph!

You could also complete some of the activities shared by The National Memorial Arboretum. The link will take you to a pack which will give you the opportunity to create your own celebratory bunting, follow recipes for popular 1940s street party food and writing a list of emotions for how people might have felt during VE day celebrations 75 years ago.

Why not make your very own Spitfire? Print this Spitfire Glider and follow the folding instructs to create and fly this iconic aircraft. How many metres can your Spitfire fly before landing? Did you know: the famous song There’ll Be Bluebirds Over, The White Cliffs of Dover by Vera Lynn is about Spitfires? The undercarriage of a spitfire was painted blue and earned the aeroplanes the nickname of Bluebirds.


Al always, we would love any photographs, videos or completed work sent to us via email so we can celebrate them in our class blogs alongside any other work you have completed from your weekly Home Learning Grids. You can find our email addresses below.

Mrs Emery[email protected]

Mrs Moyle[email protected]

Mr Sellers[email protected]

However you chose to celebrate VE Day, remember to reflect on the incredible sacrifices that our ancestors made to make our world a better place. Consider how, at this time, we also need to make sacrifices by staying indoors to keep everyone safe, and in turn, do our job to make the world a better place too.

Year 3/4 Team. 


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