Blakeney Blog Wednesday 6th May

Hi Blakeney!

It’s a gloriously sunny day today – beautiful blue skies and I know the birds are loving it because they’re making a real racket outside my window. Took Pogo for a lovely walk this morning – the park was full of daisies!

I’ve has emails from Preston and Arminas. Preston has done a great self portrait in the style of Frieda Kahlo – it’s colourful and there are lots of objects around him that tell us something about him. I can certainly see the likeness Preston! Did you have a go too? It’s on the HLG under ‘art’.

The letter from Arminas was interesting. Strangely enough, I had been thinking about our Aspirations Week and wondering if any of you were using this time at home to work towards your ‘dream’. I remember wondering if Arminas was brushing up on his DJ skills. Then I received the letter telling me that he was! Have a look at what else he’s been up to:

Hey Ms Black

Azuolas has been getting creative with paper. He made me a special envelope but when I opened it, there was a smaller one inside. It kept getting smaller and smaller until I was left with an envelope smaller than a fly! The most amazing thing I saw him do, however, was the WW2 tank. He didn’t use any glue at all – just folding of the paper held it together. Look at this:



Well, take care of yourselves and your families everyone. I look forward to hearing more from you all!

Ms Black


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